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I already know the basic like Blank Banshee and whatever, but I"m looking for like, deep, underground stuff. like indie people, maybe even some of you here?
nice topic, i will scour my bandcamp wishlist and report back, i know i have some wierd ones saved away.

Descriptions Below ablums

View: https://northernelectronics.bandcamp.com/album/nordic-flora-series-pt-1-heroine
> not vaporwave but its a good electronic album and the label that put it out has some good stuff
View: https://hvrfcentralcommand.bandcamp.com/album/--20
> this is hardvapor i dont know anything about the genre, but i really liked this album
View: https://fuckswedding.bandcamp.com/album/-
> dark ambient, the artist page the header is "see you in hell" so yeah got some teeth
View: https://bardsleap.bandcamp.com/album/down-below
> dark ambeint, not vaporwave but good and still some tapes left, the label is cool too
thats all for now i will add more as i find them
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im partial to these labels:

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