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Let's talk about the #Seapunk tag, please.


La Senda Piña
Dec 8, 2018
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Hi, I haven't been too active with this account due to reasons but I have been observing the irresponsible use the community has had with the #Seapunk tag.

What do I mean by irresponsible? By this I mean that none of you are creating Seapunk related content, using a tag that is unrelated to something for the sake of boosting clicks is irresponsible and obstructive to people looking for a specific topic.
You might just say "but Seapunk is dead, what do you care?"... a lot of you are also the same people that are adamant of letting people know that New Retro Wave and Synthwave are not Vaporwave for the same reason I am going to ask of you to stop using the Seapunk tag: Seapunk is NOT vaporwave.
I have been looking through blogs and search engines for Seapunk content and it's all filled with unrelated content.

Please, don't use #Seapunk if you're not making seapunk.
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