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"Lone and Level Sands" Album and A/V set


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Aug 5, 2021
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I thought some might enjoy
this project.

It's instrumental breakbeat, perhaps even ambient techno of some sort!

Let me just give you some background,

Halloween weekend I had a set in Night Daze 4 virtual festival. For the set I made all original music and the incredible visual was made by Astronaut Stony Stevenson. It ran 62 minutes and was called "Blau".

The A/V version is now on Vimeo, I heartily recommend checking this out as your first exposure to the project!

View: https://vimeo.com/641498653

Please be aware that is has flashing colors and images.

I know you will love this crazy psychonautic experience if you have an hour to waste! Haha!

Please consider indulging in whatever you enjoy while immersing yourself in this experience.

On November 5th the album version, "Lone And Level Sands" dropped on Brazilian netlabel ATMO, it is fifteen tracks and runs 93 minutes.

These are the full length cuts of the tunes in all their glory!

View: https://atmosounds.bandcamp.com/album/lone-and-level-sands

All music was made with a Dawless setup consisting of Electron Digitakt+Digitone, Allen&Heath Zed6 Mixer and Recorded with Zoom H6.

I recommend to everyone to Please feel free to pop zero in the bandcamp payfield to cop this release, (and should you find yourself

with a spare dollar at the end of the day, please consider donating to a bail fund instead)

I hope you enjoy the project, and if you do, please share with anybody you feel might enjoy it too!

Thank you for your time,

Much Love

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