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Mediterranean Architecture Thread

Share examples of Mediterranean architecture in this thread! Here's Villa Kerylos in France, a villa built in a Greek Revival style by Theodore Reinach.
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I love this style, we've lost so much thought when it comes to human centric design. A similar albeit watered down design is tommy hilfigers ocean house- for such a derivative brand the guy actually has really nice taste
View: https://youtu.be/UAUfo6KY1wg?si=MeKG9NY3J7lYg_ju

That was an interesting watch. Wasn't a fan of their choice of interior design in the first few minutes, or their "clean minimalist modernism on everything = good" mentality. But it's still a nice house, thanks for sharing. On the topic of human centric design I think a lot has to do with that suburbanism is subsidized and heavily profitable for planners.
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