Midnight Television A review

This review was also posted on my blog site here: https://yabba.bearblog.dev/midnight-television/
Note: I know, that this review is extremely short, but I hope that you still enjoy, and maybe make a review of your own!
I'd love to see the vaporwave side of this site, come back.

One of the greatest strengths of vaporwave, is it's ability to immerse you. It's power, can conjure soundscapes and images from long in the past, something you don't get from mainstream music. This album tries to evoke images of late night television, and at that it exceeds. Yet, there's a catch, the album is only 10 minutes long.

Now for some, this is an immediate turn off. They ask, what's the point of immersion, if you only have 10 minutes to enjoy it? For those who have a lot of time for music, this is a clear negative, as they have less of the album to enjoy. However, for those who don't have a lot of time for music this is a clear benefit.

Recently I found myself in this very position, only having around 20 minutes of time for music. Midnight Television was a particular standout of the albums I listened in that time. It's nostalgic soundscapes completely immersed me after a couple of seconds. So, consider it if you will, bite sized vaporwave, short but sweet.

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