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Mini Interview with the Admin of Agora Road

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;) Admin Note: I did this mini interview for the last issue of Private Suite Mag back in May 2020. Reading it now and I see that I left ALOT out of what Agora Road started as. I use to post some WILD stuff back then, and guides that I found on the darkweb. I will post screenshots of them below to get a feel for it. ;)
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Private Suite: Do _you miss that sweet, sweet '90s internet feel? Wait no longer, because you can now experience it again with Agora Road and the Macintosh Cafe, a website duo that could have only been made by the vaporgods themselves. Relive the days of the Wild Wild Web, without fear that you'll accidentally install another virus while looking for Nirvana MP3s.

The Agora Road is your path to the rest of the vaporworld. With origins in the dark web and hacker culture, it is a website and forum curated to become the hub of vaporwave activity. It consists of two parts: the home page and the forum. The main page, Agora Road, is a one-stop shop with articles by many anonymous writers including the founder themself.

Founder of Agora Road: Agora Road first started out as a personal blog of mine. It was a place where I would "shine the light" and share stuff I found personally interesting. I posted stuff such as "hard to find" old ASCII files and E-Zines from different underground internet communities from the early internet days, interesting conspiracy theories, and I would review .onion websites from the dark web that I found.

Then as I discovered the vaporwave community, I went on to make album reviews as well! And a funny side note, when I first shared my album reviews on the vaporwave subreddit, they got really good reception but then users started browsing around that got really scared of the dark web stuff.

However, I eventually took the dark web stuff off of the Agora Road website because I was getting really weird requests and it became a problem for me.
I would say if you want to dive in the past of the world of old internet subcultures, read about interesting topics, read album reviews & interviews from your favorite vaporwave artists, then Agora Road is the place to be. But if you want to experience vaporwave music, be a part of the vaporwave community, and learn how to make music from other vaporwave enthusiasts like you, then stop by the Macintosh Cafe.

Private Suite: The other half of Agora Road is the Macintosh Cafe. It is a forum dedicated to vaporwave, synthwave, and future funk. It's got all you could ask for in a forum dedicated to the vaporwave aesthetic, with many different boards to browse and background music courtesy of Nightwave Plaza (more on that later!). It also lets }JOU choose from various themes to fit your preferred aesthetic.

Founder of Agora Road: Agora Road's Macintosh Cafe was created because I felt like the community was too scattered around all over the place such as in sites like Twitter, Discord, >redditcostanzayeahrightsmirk, 4chan, and the community didn't have a place of its own. I know there were other vaporwave forums that had started before me but those quickly died out in a couple of months. I wanted to make the Macintosh Cafe as a hub for the community to share their music, art, ideas and make friends with people that have the same interests as them.

As a side note I came up with the name Macintosh Cafe based on internet cafes in real life and I modeled the design of the forum as the GUI of a classic Macintosh OS the best way I could. What people need to understand is that Agora Road shouldn't be viewed as a person, but as a virtual destination that can only be accessed on the web. That's why I will stay anonymous and try to be as impartial as I can as an admin of the forum.

Below are screencaps of what the site use to have.


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