Missing 1,000 "Phantom" Years of Human History and Cosmological Catastrophes


There was a series of catastrophes of cosmological origin, mainly changes of planetary orbits and their effects just few centuries ago.

Massive earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tsunamis, oceans water level rose, debris from comets was falling and they themselves scorched the Earth, creating the Sahara, and Earth was a victim of tremendous electrical discharge (Grand Canyon was created by one of these discharges as well as the The Richat Structure etc), most likely of celestial origin.

Before that disaster, Sahara was green and full of cities. After that disaster, world-wide civilizations descended into chaos, and reset took at least 4-5 generations, during which newly created Catholic Church emerged as the leader of new power-structures and they artificially injected into official historical chronology around 1000 phantom years (that's why there is supposed 1000 years of the Dark Ages – claim that Europe was stuck in the same place), to cover up catastrophes. The word "Bishop" itself means "the one who knows the stars/sky/heavens".

The "Renaissance" was in reality just re-building of pre-disaster (disaster means "falling star" [comet]) Roman civilization, which ended in around 5th century AD, when disaster happened world-wide destroying existing power-structures of the world reducing people to savagery and leading to most of them becoming illiterate after few generations, and then when situation stabilized, the rebuilding started.

Look at work of Piranesi, study old maps and books, it's all there. We went from around 5th century AD straight to 15th AD with 1000 years that never existed. Pompeii was still existing just five centuries ago, as well Pliny the Elder that was killed when he went so see himself the Vesuvius eruption, that destroyed Pompeii.

Even the culture and clothes during the end of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance were very similar and right before the Renaissance pagan Roman "gods" and their icons were still dominating.


There is a lot of evidence of changes on planetary scale in around 14th/15th century (and later, but much less), including descriptions of what happened where and when such as etchings, images in books, oral history of indigenous peoples, mythology, symbology (a lot of symbols are astronomy / planets related) and even official western documents they overlooked when they were re-writing and censoring history. They even made a lot of contradictions. Study Piranesi etchings and old maps/books.

World-wide there are stone buildings to this day partially buried, often covering the whole first story. Laymen call that "mudfood", but reality is much more complicated. Pompeii was on maps until 1631 AD (Gregorian Calendar) and right after that maps showed Pompeii in ruins and Vesuvius after eruption and then no more Pompeii on newer maps. Medical instruments found in ruins of Pompeii were very similar to ones used in 16th and 17th century, so surgical progress was stuck for 1500 years? Right.


There are many maps from just 4-5 centuries ago showing the area where now is Sahara, green with cities, lakes, animals and rivers.

It was full of cities, and newer maps show less and less of them (some are still shown as destroyed), until it's just Sahara as we know it today-empty-no more lakes or cities. The "ancient" texts official narrative bases their chronology on are what they claim "copies" (no originals), which in reality are forged or/and allowed by the Jesuits and Catholic Church, starting with Joseph Scaliger re-writing history as they wanted to suit their agendas.

The "ancient" statues of Rome, Greece and Egypt were just "discovered" after 14-15th century AD, when the rebuilding happened just few generations after the series of world-wide disasters, which are described as being triggered by celestial phenomena, especially comets that were linked to sudden plague outbreaks.

After global disasters to stabilize socio-political situation and to regain control over society, ruling class was burning books and killing people branded heretics or witches in order to censor and re-write history, creating new version with chronology deliberately stretched out in which they made up 1000 phantom years which they had to fill in with something, so they made up and copied events and personas to fill in these made up 1000 years, that's why they say, that "history repeats itself" and claim European Dark Ages lasted 1000 years and many other historical anomalies lasting 1000 or around 1000 years, such as Polynesian "Long Pause" in exploring that official version of history claims lasted 1000 years.

Jesuits starting with Joseph Scaliger were responsible for most of censorship and re-writing of history. The amount of events that supposedly happened during these phantom 1000 years (between 5th to 15th centuries on Gregorian calendar) is suspiciously extremely low for a 1000 years period, and they are mostly either the same or very similar to events that happened before that period.

The 1000 years between 5th and 15th century (Gregorian calendar) simply never happened and were invented partially as a cover up for disasters.

Few examples:

1. Charlemagne was not a real person, but one of the phantom individuals Catholic Church made up to fill in their phantom 1000 years and "Charlemagne" is based on a real-life man known as Odoacer.

2. Plato and Gemistus Plethon were one and the same.

3. Genghis Khan and Attila The Hun were the same person.

4. Black Plague / Great Plague / Black Death / Bubonic Plague (it's a copy to fill in the phantom 1000 years of supposed "Dark Ages") is exactly the same event as the Justinian Plague (which really happened) and it was triggered by electrically charged comets, back then called "wandering stars".

When catastrophes happened civilizations collapsed and in ensuing chaos rapidly regressed to primitive state in which over generations most knowledge has been lost among average people (like in Bronze Age Collapse) and people become illiterate.

At the same time, soon after Roman Empire collapsed (both Western and Eastern) new power structures formed and eventually a leader, Catholic Church emerges and immediately starts their campaign of censorship through mass book-burnings and killing-off people who still possessed and spread detrimental to Catholic Church knowledge of real history, (especially catastrophes that happened recently) by branding them as "heretics" and "witches", while at the same time using brainwashing techniques (like today's media does) to spread Catholic propaganda.

Their invention of "confessions" was an intelligence-gathering operation disguised as important part of religion that every catholic must do if they don't want to go to hell for eternity. Catholic Church is heavily inter-winded with Jesuits, and they are a military order and in their hierarchy the head of Jesuits is literally titled "Superior General".

When Church sent their men after catastrophes to check the situation in North America, what did they decided to do?

Burn natives' books, destroy their cultures and impose on them Catholicism by force. Word "catholic" itself is from greek word katholikos, which means universal, and indeed Catholic Church is a mix of different religious cults, because they had to unite people with polytheistic beliefs, which were a majority in pre-disaster Roman Empire.

Even when you look at statues, icons etc. right before Renaissance you will see, that people still worshiped pagan Roman "gods", not Jesus or Mary, because 1000 years between 5th and 15th century AD (Gregorian Calendar) never existed.

These disasters are inevitable and will happen no matter what (that's why there is a push to create outposts on other planets, especially Mars), and when they will happen, collapse of civilization will be imminent.

When that happens, people will turn into savages, most will die, some will survive and will fight between each other in small, little gangs with no plan for anything, because they will be busy with basic survival and humanity would be probably stuck in that phase for a very long time and would take huge amount of time to recover and get to the level we are now.

That's very simplified summary of what would most likely happen. Do you understand now why we need as much centralized power? United One World Government would prevent what I just described above.

Since we can't take everybody to safe places during disasters, and we want the most intelligent and capable people to survive to be able to rebuild and re-start civilization, intellectual elite will prepare themselves for that and go to their bunkers without telling peasants what will happen and when, so that when it will happen and will be over, the elite will emerge from the bunkers with all their technology and knowledge to reestablish civilization and impose the order on the savages.

That happened repeatedly and that's why there are so many legends all over the world telling about white skinned, blue eyed, blonde-haired "gods" who gave knowledge and civilization to natives.

World-wide civilization-decimating events happen over and over again and are mostly of cosmological origin. There is a reason for why ancient civilizations, no matter how primitive, usually had astronomical observatories and knowledge, even little tribes invested heavily into studying of the sky, especially heavens, because ancient sky was much more active and a source of many disasters, hence astrology (prediction of future based on positions of celestial objects) was very important and legitimate scientific field, because celestial objects affect Earth in many ways, often being responsible for volcano eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, sudden extreme climate changes leading to collapsing of civilizations, mass famine and many others.

This is often covered-up and not many books talk about it, because of how extremely devastating it is, and ruling elite cannot do anything when next event like that will happen and there will be many signs before it happens, for example birds falling en-masse off the sky and fish beaching themselves en-masse due to changes in Earth's electromagnetic field – birds and fish use electromagnetic forces as a kind of natural GPS and celestial objects with large enough mass can affect it.

There is nothing more dangerous to human civilization than celestial objects and cosmos itself.

Just few centuries ago we had a world-wide collapse of civilization and the most centralized powers of that time did such a great job at rebuilding and uniting different groups, that most people today have absolutely no idea that it even happened.

There are reoccurring world-wide civilization collapsing disasters, because we are living in a binary star system (there is another sun like ours and they orbit around each other) and that's responsible for the almost 26 thousand-years-long "Great Year" or precession of the equinoxes and great disasters happen when our current sun (Sol) gets closer to the other sun due to gravitational and electro-magnetic anomalies.

Suddenly fish start to beach themselves en masse, suddenly birds start to fall off the sky en masse (because both fish and birds use electro-magnetic forces as kind of natural GPS – that's how they know where to migrate), suddenly volcanoes erupt en masse, suddenly earthquakes and tsunamis show up all over the world etc., and this kind of disaster happens over and over again and our intellectual elite has been preparing themselves for the next global disaster by diverting money from mostly Pentagon – over 21 trillion is currently missing:


– and that money has been most likely used in "another-world" economy – probably to build DUMBS and entire cities inside our Earth, where a breakup civilization has been created there (starting with the Third Reich) as a kind of a backup if ours, here on the surface would be totally decimated by the next disaster.

Here is a little info about our binary-star system:

1. http://www.viewzone.com/sirius.html

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View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3ZDcj0kF_0&t=

6. https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2005-09/bri-shb091205.php

Also, our previous "sun" was Saturn, and before that most likely Uranus.

There were many catastrophes of cosmological origins that could transform Earth in very short period of time. For example celestial objects were responsible for tremendous electric discharges on Earth, creating for example Grand Canyon and Richat Structure / The Eye Of Sahara and others.

Look at Grand Canyon from space and you will see electric patterns:


Look at Richat Structure / The Eye Of Sahara from above and you will see electric patterns often mistaken for riverbeds:


There are entire underground ancient cities all over the world with capabilities to house thousands of people (Derinkuyu in Turkey could house 20-thousand), because each time catastrophes like ones I described before happen, intellectual elite goes there during that time and later re-emerge on surface as "gods" with all their knowledge and then they re-establish themselves and go all over the world to kick-start civilizations.

When the next catastrophe happens, due to changes of electromagnetic field, most people (who won't be hiding in shielded bunkers for elite) will probably turn into psychopathic cannibals (read attached image to understand why and how) and our elite knows that, that's probably why "zombies" are part of popular culture and Pentagon even created a plan for "zombie apocalypse".




Unusual cosmological activity caused extreme disasters on a global scale, destroying and resetting civilization and that's why things like I have presented are possible. World was as much connected before catastrophes as our is now. Examples below:

The famous "Chinese Terracotta Army" was created by Greek artisans:

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Roman coins found outside of it's Empire:

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"Ancient" Egyptian mummies were found to have traces of cocaine and tobacco:

1. https://faculty.ucr.edu/~legneref/ethnic/mummy.htm

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5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henut_Taui

Here are few books for a start you might want to acquaintance yourself with, if you want to know the truth about history and cataclysms:

1. "The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended", a historical chronology analysis work of Sir Isaac Newton:


2. Oera Linda, a text from Frisian people who migrated from their island of FriesLand (it existed just few hundred years ago and was still on maps right next to IceLand before it was submerged when oceans water levels rose due to climate change brought on by catastrophes) to where today north-western Germany is.

Take a look at attached image and compare it to modern alphabet and numerals, that official narrative calls "arabic". Oera Linda talks about history and world-wide catastrophes.

This text when it emerged in public was hated and fiercely fought against by elites, because it survived their censorship attempts over centuries when they burned non-approved books, especially historical:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZK6syrYezLQ


3. The Kolbrin, a group of texts telling a very different account of history compared to modern official narrative, and it supports my claims of world-wide catastrophes from my previous posts here:

Link to The Kolbrin:


4. A book censored, sanitized and then declassified by CIA – The Adam And Eve Story by Chan Thomas:



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what about the moors? in the middle of the middle ages, the arabs took over Spain because of the visigoth power vacuum, and I have a mosque in my city because of it, Doesn't islam disprove the phantom time theory? I can't see where that thing was repeated, and we have clear proof of the moors establishing for 800 years here
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still, I find it wacky that bactria, a greco-budhist culture that once spanned 1000 cities got decimated by savage hordes and dissappeared because of that, but then some centuries down the line it spawned again under the same end and got golden horde'd in the same fashion.
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