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Most "vaporwave" experience


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Listening to the music certainly brings up a certain feeling. I was curious about what all of you think the most "vaporwave" experince that you have personally had.
Mine would be having a drink and listening to Eyeliner while hanging out at the bottom of an abandoned pool. The sun was going down to and making the sky all kinds orange and pink, I don't think I'll ever top that but I would like to try, maybe I'll move to Miami later or something.


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when i was younger there was a mall in our area that was built in the eighties.
i know it fits more in the mallsoft category, but still-
walking around, seeing the mall with its neon decor, music from my
parent's time playing was a suuuper surreal experience.


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I think one of my most Vaporwave experiences would be last Spring break in what other place than Gulf Shores, Alabama. Or, more accurately, Orange Beach. The Condo my family and grandparents stayed at was pretty nice, but what was really cool about it was the extremely Vaporwave-esque indoor pool area. There was a vintage soda Vending Machine from the 80s/90s, an almost turquoise atmosphere, hot tub, and the shimmering pool reflected its light along the walls. The tables and chairs there would have fit in any old mall or summer resort. I sat back, played some music, and soaked in that room for hours at a time.


Re: Most "vaporwave" expertience

My most vaporwave experience is when I was 10 or 11 years old walking down my sweet old town of Hillcrest when all of the sudden, I woke up from my bed and rushed outside to see the most perfect sunrise a 11 year old can imagine. The sun was right between two palm trees and OH wasnt it pretty. The sun glares between the clouds every single morning now. And boy, what a nice town I live in.
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