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Mr. Bones' Wild Ride

Today I bring a classic tale for the Halloween season: the story of the terrifying Mr. Bones Wild Ride. For those unacquainted, Mr. Bones' Wild Ride is a Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 ride that lasts over four years of in-game time, being over 30,696 foot, before dropping them off at a path that leads them back to the ride's entrance, making escape from the ride futile and for them to be greeted by Mr. Bones saying "THE RIDE NEVER ENDS" as he tips his top hat, and watches the passengers climb back onto the ride, only to scream the distinctive "I WANT TO GET OFF MR. BONES' WILD RIDE" for the rest of entirety. A contraption of this sadistic grandeur could only be devised by a diabolic mind of the 4chan /v/ board which is where it originated on March 26th 2012, and since then has become a quite well-known internet meme and even had a creepypasta written about it at one point which I will link now for those interested: https://creepypasta.fandom.com/wiki/Mr._Bones'_Wild_Ride (It's nothing special but it would feel wrong not to mention it).

I can't forget to share the original thread which is a rollercoaster in itself:




A few years later someone actually took it upon themselves to recreate Mr. Bones' Wild Ride in Planet Coaster as in the August of 2017 /u/drumbtr shared his recreation with the world:

View: https://www.reddit.com/r/PlanetCoaster/comments/5fcva0/15_hours_later_and_mr_bones_wild_ride_is_done/

Some photos of the ride










So whenever you're having a bad day thank God that you weren't born a Rollercoaster Tycoon NPC as your situation could be much worse...



Oct 11, 2021
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    ?!MemoryHead!? said:
    like, people used to say "GAYmer word" and do crazy shit because it specifically WASNT real. somewhere a long the line, poeple were like "no, this is real life, you should act the same on the internet and real life, because THIS IS real life"
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    very crude but i think you'll get the idea
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    because people take the internet too seriously
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    especially all the terminally online twitter users with nothing better to do other than endless scroll
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    Pangolin said:
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    @Illuminati_Comrade there have been rumors swirling around here that you have Himalayan plant fiber pants? care to dodge these allegations?
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    :kannaSippyn:i see raw denim i buy raw denim what can i say
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    gonna be front page agora-news tomorrow evening
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    dorgon said:
    the internet is meant to share funny images
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    horny fucks
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    ?!MemoryHead!?: women: "oh my GAWD, women are queens, dont talk down to us or treat us as weak.....now celebrate...