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My Complete Film Series (Music, Esoterics, Beats, Vibes & Visuals)


Internet Refugee
Aug 13, 2018
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Best to all the Forum

This is a Playlist of my series of films produced between 2006 & 2020

I publish this playlist with cringy awkward content about myself so the story might not be forgatten.

It shows me at times in the deepest recesses of pain and madness, eventhough I feel difficult releasing this, I hope my story may be of benefit

Although I can hardly see these films myself anymore, I still want to share it in here, these films may not be fun to watch, because it often shows me in a strange difficult state of being , I think it is important to have published before disaster strikes, I m ill at home and society is breaking down, people getting sick around me

View: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvbObgz6k98wNguDLGTDmA8oq4wiawQHW

John J H H Weilacher's Complete Online Discography.

In the following document we will delve into the complete online works of John J H H Weilacher. All Links to All Projects online. For Your Enjoyment to browse and listen to. Regurlary updated with new music. A Collection of Music & Video from 1999 to 2019 and future beyond.

Johns Funky Shit project was created when studying at the ArtsCollege (ABKM) in Maastricht, and during highschool this period goes from before 1999 when I was 16 years old to around 2004 It is expiremental trash music or the genre called weirdo music, this period goes from before 1999 when I was 16 years old to around 2006. In this period I suffered multiple psychoses/ weird happenings and I had been locked up several times in solitary confinement and put on heavy medication, the first one of which happened after the John's Funky Shit third album at age 19-21, these intrusions all happened after I converted to Islam, one can see the difference of style during the third album and after. The first 3 albums where produced in my parents house, while still living therethe rest of the albums where mostly produced in an abandoned commercial building in which I lived with a group of other art academy students. Strange things happened in this abandoned place, I often performed at arty parties and exhibitions aswell as festivals with this music

After a hiatus of several years the project pretzelflashyo was produced during 2007, while living in a squated farm, I had become a full practicing muslim by that time, and called the adzaan did daily prayers, we gathered with many people in this building and had great times. My age from 22 to 24 more or less. During this time I met someone, a woman , we became romanticly involved and I went to part time live with her and her child in London UK to which I became kind of a stepfather at age 23, when I returned to the netherlands to find a livingspace for us as a family, yet during my time being alone without the spiritual protection of Her, plagued by visions and energetic influxes something happened which made me loose my mind yet again, and was confined into the institution once again. Solitary confinement and heavy medication, around 2008 /2009 the relationship ended, I had been assigned an appartement, just before the strange happenings, these things happened while I was working on an album callled : Islamicly themed protest album "Yahya Renegado" which is not available always online , due to its controversial "militant" content, yet I left it in there for its historical reference and completness of the story. In London I had been living in the muslim community , I learned reading arabic and a small amount of islamic sciences, which led to multiple discoveries and growth instances. When I returned to the netherlands I was quickly, once again taken to the facility. Involuntarily, of which I escaped , kept working on the next album called the Moorish-Atum-A-Tron. I could finish the album , before I was dragged, out of my house once again, the album was made in a very peculier state of mind of which I still struggle to explain or define, a spiritual state of mind, bordering tearfull passion gravity and madness

2009-2012 I regained my strenght, and produced my first hiphop/rap album in the dutch language,
aswell as an indierock concept band album called thehiramabiff99's
I started a internet broadcasting channel ,
which was succesfull called the U A O // UAOmroep // U B N a moorish science inspired project called JayWShariefBey, and a "Freejazz" band. My appartement became a creative centre where people came to visit and gather.

In 2012 there arose another challenge, I had been doing performances and lectures, In my house people at times gathered, we had formed:"The GanjaYoga Center" the people from the institution/facility did not agree with the developments of the creative centre, and I was accused of mental psychoses once again. Strange things happened, my studio computer started acting weirdly , the people in my neighbourhood started acting weirdly. The people from the institution wanted to do an intervention. During these extreme conditions I did my best to produce the project JFSLegacy

When I returned from yet another time of being held in those cells, I kept producing. Producing on all the previous projects, films and music

2014 The Substitute Messengers was started
in 2016 I tried to flee the interventions of the institution at two occasions , where I fled to germany and aswell once to belgium on foot, after this and my last apprehension things started to settle, it was the last year in which stuff happened,

within the links and publications of all these internet pages, there are films & music that delve deeply into my expirience and happenings, more then I can explain in this text. And may I say it was and is an ongoing mystical expirience. I wish I could be more complete within this descriptive text, yet the story is vast
do not be deterred by the bulk of the content, or the odd cringy track in betweens
I hope there can be found benefits in these works
May Peace be Upon You

John J H H Weilacher

p.s. for even more content and story visit:

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