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New Ambient/Experimental/Vaporwave Label Taking Submissions NOW

;D Hello everyone! Hope your 2019 is doing well so far. I've just created a label to tailor to my personal aesthetic, and I'm looking for contributions from fellow creators!

The label is called Storm City Sounds, and I have a very specific set of aesthetics in mind. Stormy City Sounds takes place in The Infinite City, a place of eternal rain. You can listen to the first release (one of my own) here:
View: https://stormcitysounds.bandcamp.com/album/this-isnt-real

If you'd like to submit an album, send an email to stormcitysounds@gmail.com. If accepted, you will need to provide a zip with .wav files, as well as a 1400x1400 minimum image for the cover art.

Join me in this infinite city of rain. I look forward to listening to your sounds!

Styles that invoke these aesthetics are preferred:

- Rainy Neon City (Cyberpunk-ish?)
- Tropical Island Dream (Soft, lush, perhaps beach wave foley)
- The Simulation (None of this is real)

(You don't really have to know what these mean)

Bonus points for projects with seamless transitions :)

Cheers, and a happy 2019!

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