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New Record Release Pink Vinyl Chakra 80's Japanese Vapor Wave


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I'm really loving this place and very glad my co-worker introduced me to it. I own a small record company based out of the NYC/New Jersey area. I became friends with the Japanese musical genius named Bun Itakura whose first band Chakra had some success when they were around in Japan in the early 80's but now have a huge international cult following. They are one of the earliest of the Japanese bands to be considered a pre-cursor to Vaporwave, and Mr. Itakura also did many Anime soundtracks as well. The pink vinyl 45 my company has just released is an early take of their song "You Need Me" which many Chakra fans consider to be better than the version that made it onto their 2nd record "Satesko". The b-side is a great and trippy ride called "Grinning". If interested you can purchase it at the 1worldarts com website using either Paypal or with your card by way of Wix Stores.


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Hey its great to have you here and welcome to the forum! I'm trying to listen to the album on your website but I can't seem to find a player. Do you have a Bandcamp?
It's available on vinyl only, but you can search Chakra "You Need Me early take" on You Tube. And Chakra Hohoemu (Grinning).

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