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Nostalgic Youtube


This is Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy
Feb 15, 2022
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View: https://youtu.be/Nar1iAfMMhQ

This has easily got to be one of my favourites. I remember watching it for the first time in April of 2009. This was what youtube used to be. Entertainment by the public for the public. It was an incredible concept (especially at the time). I could get up so many of these but this is the one that stands out the most in terms of significance.

In the YTP community in the early 2010s there were fierce debates over the style of remix you posted (known as "spa-dinner" for it's heavy use of CDi cutscenes/word replacement) and the newer stuff coming out that made greater use of editing techniques like stuttering, reversing, and generally surreal editing. That editing style grew in popular as people began switching over to more advanced video editors like Sony Vegas/Adobe. Those videos are more akin to "deep fried" memes these days.

Between the two I find even really shitty "spa-dinner" YTPs funnier for the nostalgia and the earnest attempts people made at creating so bad they're good videos. I think they perfectly encapsulate that era of the internet with the creative ways people had to make use of limited sources and editing programs. There was no monetization, no real clout chasing, just people making silly videos for fun.

As a result you ended up with either kino...

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBErrP5m6pw

Or whatever the hell the first 30 seconds of this is...

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTWDz1xSGJQ

Bonus vid, one of the first I remember seeing on YouTube.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U557V1yFdZs
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Deleted member 4436

Some more recent findings for my caboodle

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In search of something greater.
Jul 16, 2022
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2022 version XD

"we fly high, no lie, you know this, BALLIN ballin right

Sup bitches. SUP BITCHES. It's Chad Warden here. Aight, I'm talking bout that, PS Quintuple. The PS Quintuple I ain't talking bout that Switch. That Switch? Shiiiit. Shit people p-people be talkin' bout how it was all, new, and shit, but you know what I'm tryin to say? I'm tryin to say, is that...c'mon know,Switch? C'mon, that c-that lil' joy-con baby that looks like a dildo. Aight, I ain't trying to play my games, with no Dil. Do. Aight, maybe if the game is like, y'know, Warioware, get-it-up-yo-own-ass game, yeah I dunno, I dunno if there's any minigames where you know, you have to shove it up yo ass. But...c'mon now, the Switch? People trying to say that the, the PS5 copied the Switch with HD rumb-uh...I don' give a fuck. Shit, shit the Switch, you know what they should copy? They should copy how to get good games. They should copy how to get good games from the PS5. Heh errybody knows, is that PS5 make the best games, knaw I mean nigga? I mean, c'mon, you got lil' games I mean you got Switch what, what you got, Breath of the Wild where you walk around with a lil' bitch, and his lil' bitch-ass sword, and lil' shield, and he's goin "HEH! HEH! HEH!" C'mon, who wants to play that shit? I needa shoot some niggas.

Wh-pow, pow

Nintendo, ah, and then you talk about Nintendo isn't copying anything and how Sony is copying everything, and that's just bullshit, that bullshit...shit s-saying Final Fantasy was on Nintendo before Sony, have you played the PS2? Nigga, nigga the PS2 got Final Fantasy X-2, shit, Nintendo trying to copy that shit, they know that they can't compete if they don't have Final Fantasy. Nig, I don't even care if any other systems get Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy sucks ass now. Ooo, look at Final Fantasy 16, y'know where you're runnin' around with a lil' gay wizard and shit. Fuck everybody knows that wizards can't do shit other than suck dick. So, what I'm really tryin' to say, is that, Sony...Sony's the bomb, nigga. That's true shit, Sony is true shit.

Y'know...so...EHHH and then you-and then we got these Xbox fans, about fans of the Xbox Series. The Xbox Series, Xbox Riemann sum? Who the fuck they think they are, they think they're smart and shit? We ain't doin' Calculus, we tryin' ta play some games. And that's one thing Xbox don't got, Xbox ain't got gaaaaames. It ain't got games! Shit, butthole aught, what, nigga niggas tryin' to say like, Gears of War. Shit, fuck Gears of War more like Tears of War, man that shit has that lil' bitch cryin' all the time, you see that commercial? That little bitch-ass commercial with that song? With that, with that pussy-ass song? Shit, true games, true games have some, some Travis scott in the background, some Lil Durk some, BALLINNN. Shit, not some of this Fleetwood Mac shit nah fuck that. And then, and then what else does Xbox got? Xbox got, Halo. Niggas, niggas tryin to talk about Halo, about Halo Infinite, Y'know what I'm saying? Man they best rename that shit to GAYlo Infinite...shit, that shit is mad gay. True niggas, true niggas don't play that game. Y'know who play that shit? Gay niggas...gay niggas.

Sony always wins, baby, Sony always wins. You can't beat Sony. Shit, that shit is slick, slick, that sh-have you seen the PS5? That shit is, nice nice slick, black, the-whistles That shit is nice, see like my hair over here, bitch? My hair? You like that shit, that sh-, that shit is slick, that shit is black. Shit, my hair was, was blonde before this shit, aight? Aight, I dyed that shit black, you know why? Cuz PS QUINTUPLE, the PS QUINTUPLE... Argh, that shit is money, money...we got this one little fat bitch, I don't even know his fuckin' name, but they got the little fat bitch tryin' to say that the PS5 costs a lot, what kinda poor, bitch-ass cardboard box is he livin' out of, baby? Inflation and $500 ain't shit to Chad Warden, Chad Warden wipes his ass with $500. $500 ain't shit. Shit...I'll give you $500 just to shut the hell up, nigga. Fuck, y-y'know I can't take the Switch with me, I can't have it in my caddy, y'know, y'know s-I needa play some 4K games while I'm rollin' in my caddy, how'm I supposed to get some hunnies with a Switch? It's like, "Yo baby, look at my Switch!" Y'know what they say to me? They fuckin' laugh. W-when I show, when I show them my PS5, huh-hunnies get all over it...shit. Get all the hunnies with a PS Quintuple.

we fly high, no lie, you know this, BALLIN ballin right"

Console wars never change...
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Webcomics! Banzai!
Jan 20, 2022
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The time warp is my favourite part.

View: https://youtu.be/bHqA75xB3JA

Also, I have a playlist where I save literally any old video I find ("old" being 7 years+), has 4,673 videos in it as of right now.
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̴̘̈́ ̵̲̾ ̸̯̎ ̴͓̀ ̸̳͝ ̸͈͑ ̴̡̋ ̸̞̂ ̴̰̚ ̵̨̔ ̸̭̎
Aug 11, 2022
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The following was part of a LARP and is not indicative of the opinions and behaviors of the posters but remains for archival purposes

I don't remember old youtube much, but thank science that channel can no longer have customizable page. Such creativity could only lead to degeneracy. I am thankful to live in era where people are forced to be within acceptable standards.
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