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Paradise Of Yesterday - Sentimental vinyl & cassette pre-order is open


Cityman Productions vaporwave label
Paradise Of Yesterday - Sentimental vinyl and cassette pre-order is open now. The vinyl is limited to 300 copies and the cassette to 50 copies. There's also 20 vinyl & cassette bundles available for a reduced price. The vinyl is limited to 2 copies per person and the bundle to 1 copy per person.

The expected release date for the vinyl and cassette is February 27, 2021. A little delay is possible due to the COVID pandemic. All the pre-orders will be shipped right after the vinyl and cassette is released.

The transparent magenta vinyl comes with a full-color outer and inner sleeves. One side of the inner sleeve is pink and the other one blue with the same artwork on both sides. The vinyl includes three vinyl-only bonus tracks: Touch, Mellow & Longing. The vinyl also has a new track called Radiant. Mastering is yet again done by a professional mastering engineer to ensure a perfect sounding record.

The cassette is professionally duplicated with a high-quality double-sided J-card and baby pink tape. It also includes the bonus track Radiant.


View: https://citymanproductions.bandcamp.com/album/sentimental
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