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Pepsi got into to the Lofi game. 24/7 Ironic Livestream

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I hate modern brand marketing like the wendy's twitter shit but this is just a whole 'nother level of strange to me
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I've been proposing over on the Reddit sub that our scene's producers need to snag these frickin' fakerwave tracks and GO BERSERK. And now, I'm doing it here, too! Let's see what Pepsico thinks when their carefully focus-grouped BS turns into utter sonic mayhem that is definitely NOT on Pepsi's side. And I ain't talkin' just doing some FF with this...but going ALL OUT for the signalwave/vapornoise realm, turning the Pepsi crap into weird, dystopian sonic slabs that sound like they're carved from 100% pure codeine.

Sometimes, you just gotta kick corporations in the teeth. They usually get the point after that. ;-)

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