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[Personal question] convince me to not kms


Aug 29, 2021
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Nov 9, 2021
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i have another option besides that one? i don't want to bring any heavily emotional topics to this forum, and if you don't like it just don't answer it...

well, i'm poor, unemployed, ugly and i have no guarantee that i'm not going to be starving next month, the situation here in my country gets worse every day that passes, i've never gone to a doctor and stopped caring about my appearance maybe 10 or 8 years ago due to bullying and dysthymia (a specific type of depression that begins at an early age)

i have no mother or a father, i've been raised by my aunt which is alcoholic and also smokes, and now if the things were not bad enough, i have no money to pay the bills in here and the money my aunt has is not too much, i'm glad i could use my neighbor's Internet for now, but i think that probably within 6 or 8 months i'll be homeless (cause i can't pay the rent of this house no more, and the landlord is already forcing us to get out)

just be honest... should i keep going on?
You don't have to die. It is entirely your own choice at this moment. I'd prefer you didn't, but what matters is how You feel. Do you want to continue? Because you most certainly can. Does it bring you joy to make an effort in that direction? Or does not succeeding in your plans have made you believe there is no reason to do so? Here's the catch: there's nothing a man could establish in this world that would last forever. And that is the point. It is the experience of events that adds to who you are, not the event itself. Your life as a human being, in this particular body, is an event. It has a well defined framework to it, and it certainly won't last. But there is a treasure trove of experiences to soak in along the way, given you intend to walk this road. And it is not the only road. But regardless of how you decide to be, this network of roads will never stop being under your feet. The chapter is destined to end sooner or later, but the journey continues, in the various forms it takes. If you choose to take the exit route out of this event, nobody is in the position to judge that action, besides yourself. But if there's even an ounce of will left in you to bring out the best that you can in this lifetime you currently have, I would strongly advise you to not hold back on that will, until you have that choice to make. Either way, you do not owe anything to anybody, and in critical moments of one's life/death, a peer review has the least of worth. You are the only one responsible for your manner of being, therefore you are the only one you have any obligation towards. It doesn't work sideways. Indulge in your own might in everything you intend to do. That is all.
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Dec 24, 2022
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like, me here too
i know it is stupid and 1st world/USA problem
i am just "scared" of people being offended out of nowhere about what i said,
ike, i didnt mean it, it was just misunderstanding
thats why i never do nothing.
also, that it could be me too. neing offended. but more of being emotionally hurt out of nowhere.
because idk, someone will just say something the way that will pain me, and i will just be stupid as always, so i couldnt explain it.
or being just angry about it for no reason. just by the way how it was said (Fi- /INFP struggles).
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