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Phrases that piss you off

Little River Aral

Wandering Sea
Jan 8, 2022
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Many. Anything that feels like an empty banality or something that people just mindlessly parrot basically grates on my nerves. I'm gonna dump my bad mood on this-

- I was in middle school at the time of "swag" and remember being awfully irritated by this word. Generally by any "fashionable" word that comes around and that EVERYONE ends up saying just because it's "in".

- Those slogans that end in rhymes. It feels like being treated like a retarded 2 year old. A chain of stores started to sell bags made of jute and I would've totally taken one if there wasn't a retarded eco-friendly slogan on every single of them. A plain one would've been much better.

- "live, laugh, love"
- Anything that implies your suffering isn't valid. ":SoyU1:u live in a first world country u have food and a roof on ur head, some people starve and live in war torn countries, u should be grateful and stop crying"

- When you enter a store, the goddamn fucking vendor asking you "hey how can I help u", no stfu I can look for myself

- Vendors trying to make you buy more due to an "offer" while you just want to get that one thing you need. Very common in makeup stores.

- do u have a customer account?? you wanna make one?? it's free! (thx for assuming whoever doesn't want to dump their personal info in the wild is just being a scrooge)

- "science said it" -> people don't realize science is ridden with conflicts of interest and treat it like a goddamn religion. Science isn't supposed to be settled either.

- What do you do in life? ("in life", as if living automatically means you have to be "doing something", but that "doing something" is heavily tied to society's definition of "doing something")
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Telvanni wizard.
Jan 17, 2022
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- "science said it" -> people don't realize science is ridden with conflicts of interest and treat it like a goddamn religion. Science isn't supposed to be settled either.
I have found that (most of) the people who treat "science" as some universally consistent and all knowing authority have no scientific background at all. They treat whatever confirms their bias or worldview as correct and absolute. They label anyone who holds a different judgement as uneducated or backward when they themselves are simply repeating what they have been told.

It should also be worth noting that raw data produced from an experiment is not the same as a judgement made using said data.

I understand that it is not always possible for an individual to recreate some experiments. But if it is possible for you to do your own research on a topic, you should definitely do so.
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Deleted member 2652

I forgot.

It horrendously pisses me off when feminists say stuff like "kill all men", "men are trash", "men are gross", and when you call them out on their bullshit they're like "LOL ITS JUST A JOKE"
yeah sure, a very funny one at that, and all bullies say "it's a joke"

That level of bile is something that could only come from the cultic mind. At the end of the day, those that screech the loudest are only trying to convince themselves. It's the ultimate irony.