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Playstation 1 Euro demo disk (1998)


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Feb 15, 2022
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Used to love how a lot of the demo discs had their own menu themes and distinct UIs. For someone looking to make a cool/retro inspired looking website, these might be good to use as a reference to study.
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Playstation Magazine (EU) came with demo disks every month. As for the one that came with my console, it was the demo disc from 1997 with Tekken 2, Wipeout 2097 and a few Net Yaroze games from what I remember. It was all I played during the first months until I got some games in Christmas.


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Feb 2, 2022
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I had one or two Playstation Underground demo discs, but I used to buy a lot of Computer Gaming World & PC Gamer just for the demo discs. This wasduring the late 90s RTS glut, so I got to try out a lot of RTS games.

Does anyone remember that Gamecube demo disc Nintendo sold at Gamestop for around $5 in the early 2000s? I want to say it had a demo of Billy Hatcher & the Giant Egg. I think that's the last demo disc I remember owning.
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