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post the first track you ever made

isolation suite

Jun 15, 2021
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i'm looking for that real raw stuff, swamped amoungst the countless music files floating around on your hard drive, that's if you can still find it, it may have be renamed, buried or maybe even lost, who knows.

if you don't have anything try making something on audacity and posting it here
no rules apply.

i'll get this thread moving by posting a few tracks i made when i used audacity as my main DAW, at the time i grabbed whatever samples i could get my hands on, i can't even remember half of the sources i got them from besides the sound effects folder in half-life 1, a jandek track, some musicradar sample packs, bbc horror sounds of terror and the spookysounds halloween cd lol. coming back to what you have made is all apart of the fun and the mystery of making music, especially in the early stages where it's just raw expression.

i made alot of grim ambient stuff during the early stages when i was finding my feet later moving in to jungle/drum and bass and then later taking a break and forgetting about music production until i got fl studio


View: https://voca.ro/1mbpG6bGEsoO

old holborn

View: https://voca.ro/156fKjwKvgAH


View: https://vocaroo.com/1dAuf3XrZNJd

jungle #1 -

View: https://vocaroo.com/1m15zhkCoojO

anyway, i'm looking forward to listening to what you have made, or are gonna make

I Kno

Internet Refugee
Sep 7, 2020
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I actually recently found my old SoundCloud where I used to use a music app called Music Maker Jam. It was pretty much just an app where you layer a bunch of pre-made loops on top of each other and that was it.

Here's the very 1st song I made on it that I uploaded to SoundCloud, so... enjoy whatever tf my 13 year old self thought was some heat back then lol.

View: https://soundcloud.com/user-917495734/unison
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Well-Known Traveler
Dec 21, 2020
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This second one was the first recording I ever did with a synth, not too long after

I was 17 or 18 when I made these

I had just discovered Prince and synthesizers and took my first step into music making. These songs lead to Memoryhead, Opt, and every other project I ever worked on.

crazy to listen back, been a long time lol

Thanks for sparking this, I also found old recordings of my old metal/hard rock band. now THAT is some fucking nostalgia, holy shit.
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Yung Jinjo
Feb 15, 2020
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I've lost so many files to dying computers and bad organization, but a later version of the first electronic track I ever made (originally under the moniker "occasionals不時人" to about zero listeners) became the inspiration for my first FalseGarden螳 project, Taipei Zoo Station. It's still one of my darkest/most experimental tracks for sure, ft. lots of Earthbound, Bomberman Hero, and Mario Artist Talent Maker samples

View: https://kliffi.bandcamp.com/track/habitats-afterword
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