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Feel free to post your favorite short stories (or ones you've made). I'll start with my personal favorite that I've written

Ever since I was a small boy, I had always dreamed of landing on the moon one day just like Armstrong did all those years ago. I spent all my life doing anything I can to make that dream come true. And after years and years of hard work, I sat there in my capsule, ready to be the first man to colonize the Moon. On that fateful day, I was very eager to be part of another great leap forward for humanity and so was ground control. The countdown starts: 4.. 3.. 2 ..1.. "Houston, we have lift off," I reported to ground control. Dawn turned to dusk, days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months. During the venture I tried to adjust my ship to the right direction, but after all that coordination, communication, and verification to ensure success I missed my target. "Uhh.. This is Komarov to ground control, we have a problem," I reported nervously. "What is your problem," replied ground control. I looked at my partner, then to the capsule window. After some brief silence I replied, "We seem to have missed our target." Immediately ground control responded "this is ground control speaking, we need you to abort your mission as soon as possible." Ground control's response was delayed, but when it was received we had prematurely used all the fuel in the wrong direction. And after who knows how long, here I am in my capsule all alone drifting through the universe, wherever I am or wherever I'll go is unknown from my knowledge. I've just about passed Sedna. It's like a celestial groundhogs day. it feels as if I have been gone for days, years, or maybe even centuries. Does ground control remember me? Do I remember myself? What is my name? Have I become the stranger my parents warned me about? If I come back home will anyone recognize me? Could I be more isolated back home than where I am now? Where even am I, The sun has been seemingly blocked from something of a mysterious shape in my view. Where am I? Who am I? do I even exist anymore? Maybe I've died a long time ago but was completely unaware. Could this be the afterlife? So many stars, planets, galaxies, nebulas, and many unknown things are out there, yet it seems surreal. maybe a god could be on one of those planets or maybe the stars have been the true gods all along. It might as well be the afterlife for I have already drained my supplies. this appears to be the end of the line or rather the end of the galaxy for me. Am I approaching the edge of the universe? I've been floating for so long that I might've stumbled into a new solar system. if only I could report back to ground control. I can see my life before my eyes, everything I've loved and I despised, all shown before my eyes. for the ones I can't repay, I would say goodbye if I had just one more day, and to those who I've betrayed I'm sorry for the pain but I'm a million miles away. There's a door at the end of the universe. It's very tempting to find out what lies on the other end but my lungs may sink flat. Will people remember when I die will I be a name to be feared in history or just another casualty in the game of life? I really don't have a choice do I? Well, whoever finds this, or if anyone finds this, I hope I at-least made a worthy scientific contribution. For I will never know if my sacrifice was in vain or not.
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