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Prison Earth Hypothesis | The Light at the End is a Trap!

The following Subject may cause existential dread

prison earth.jpg


Where do we come from? What is our purpose? What happens after we die? What happens before we are born? Age-old Questions put fourth since the dawn of human civilisation. There are many Theories trying to give an answer, there is of course the Big Bang Theory, Theory of Evolution, Abrahamic Religions, Ancient Religions, Sagas etc. etc. It is not my intent to discuss any of the aforementioned proposals nor to give an opinion. In this Article I collect various Ideas, Real-Life occurences and the inclusion of paranormal activities together which paint a rather astounding and baffling picture. But when you consider all the material available, it makes sense. It answers question, it doesnt negate any established facts, and its truly headspinning.

Earth is a soulprison. It is an experience provided to us, but it wasnt always a prison. It used to be an Resort of sorts. Original Humans stem from the Orion and by wish and curiosity agreed to have their souls put here on earth in order to experience life. A different Life for that matter. This has been going on since thousands of years, but the original intention of just serving as some sort of intergalactic game or isekai experience, turned sinister and developed into an actual soul prison. With the participants being forced to reincarnate indefinetly, experiencing many different lives over time, and having many different emotions over time. But mostly to generate negative emotions. The so called "Loosh".
If we establish human emotions as something tangible, and being an energy by nature, the current function of this experience is to generate loosh, which is being harvested by a 3rd party. The tale of reincarnation or Samsara can be found in any culture of the world, of course named differently, some details here and there change, but from Abrahamic belief, to buddhism, to Zaroastism, to Sagas told by indigenous tribes of the amazon, they all mention a rebirth.
A forceful rebirth. By analysing the religions of humans, taking a closer look at physical properties and by research done into paranormal, namely remote viewing, one can conclude a Hypothesis about human nature which not only satiate believers of any fate, but also satiate people that rather believe in cold hard facts of science. This Hypothesis isnt created by me, I happen to stumble upon many different similar proposals, sources, stories and decided to collect and link them here. Partly for safekeeping, as a sizeable chunk of sources has already vanished (mainly conclusions drawn by others, as well as anecdotes) and for awareness.

I will take material written by others as well as add my own material where I see fit, it will be marked with [AN] (Authors Note). I found that a big issue with this hypothesis is, that it is confusing and convoluted and takes some knowledge about theology, different cultures, history as well as familiarity with a lot of "Conspiracy Theories" either fringe or widely known. I will provide sources and links where possible, but dont expect them to be still availabe if you happen to read this article in the future.


Reincarnation as Concept & The Tunnel of Light

You know how anyone who's had a near death experience talks about having seen a tunnel of light appear in front of them? Or having met members of their family who had passed away? In some rare cases, even having met and spoken to who they thought was God? My research suggests that the tunnel of light which appears when we die is a trap designed to wipe the whole memory of our last incarnation and to recycle our souls into another body thus keeping us in an infinite loop here on Earth. Because of this, the overwhelming majority of people walking the Earth have total amnesia and don't remember anything about their past existences nor anything from the periods in-between their lives. If you do some research though, you will notice that there is however a small number of people world-wide who are able to recall very specific details regarding who they were, what they did for a living, where they lived in a past life, etc(evidence 1,evidence 2,evidence 3,evidence 4).

How do we know these people aren't making up their stories? There's lots of people out there who have been able to bring very solid pieces of evidence to sustain their claims and those claims can be verified(verified evidence 1,verified evidence 2,verified evidence 3,verified evidence 4,verified evidence 5,verified evidence 6) which shows that reincarnation is a very real phenomenon, confirming what many religions claim to happen to the soul when a person dies. The reason these people's memories have only been partially erased and not fully erased remains unknown for now.

The reason people that went through NDE's didn't come back with their memories wiped is because unlike people who have died, they didn't end up going all the way through the tunnel of light to reach it's destination, many NDE'rs didn't enter the tunnel at all, while some have partially experienced it. All of them managed to return to their bodies and lived to tell what they experienced on the other side, hence the term 'near death experience'.

[AN] The "Tunnel of Light" is something truly odd. Reported by a large sway of the populace, from all walks of life and from all cultures of life. It has prompted much research into it. [Source] After the body dies, the soul does not have a host anymore and thus cant continue to exist in this experience anymore (without causing issues) so it is immediately called back. Which should happen, however what really happens is both legally speaking not an issue but also sinister. Since it is the Goal for the Harvesters to get as much loosh as possible, they need every soul they can get to "generate it". hence something very peculiar can be reported by those that had NDEs and came back.

If you don't enter the tunnel of light when your time comes, you need to be aware that these entities will present themselves to you in the form of angels/Jesus/God/saints/guides/ascended masters/guardian angels and they're going to try to convince you that you need to go back to Earth so you can pay back your "karmic debt" or to continue "learning" or that you have to go back with a "special mission to fulfill" which is complete bullshit but we keep falling for these scams because they tend to make sense from our narrow and pre-programmed perspectives(good luck fulfilling that "special mission" if you can't remember what the "mission" was). We put blind trust in what they say to us because of constant religious indoctrination during our lives on Earth and these beings know that.

They can't force us to reincarnate because each soul has free will, but they can pretend to be someone they're not in order to put ideas in our head that it's in our best interest to accept reincarnating back on Earth making it sound as if they are doing us a favor so that we can "evolve", "learn" or "fix previous mistakes" and what they're basically doing is they're using our own free will against us. The real purpose of continuous reincarnation is soul enslavement disguised as "spiritual evolution". A free will decision is impossible without memory and information.

Because our memories are being wiped after each life time, many of us live under the illusion that we're currently living our first life on this planet and we came here to "learn". Learning about life on Earth and experiencing it would be useful if we didn't lose our memories after each life time. But it doesn't matter what we learn over here as long as everything gets erased after each reincarnation and we have to relearn everything from scratch over and over again in an endless loop. Earth is a prison planet camouflaged as a 'cosmic school'. This idea of a cosmic school has been going around in order to trick souls into wanting to come and stay here in order to "learn". This whole matrix is designed to drain our energy, wipe our memories over and over again and keep us trapped.

Many people that went through near death experiences even recall being accompanied by a "loving" angel who showed them their life review. The reason the entities show us life reviews is so we can relive certain moments from our lives in which we made certain mistakes and by reliving those moments, feelings of guilt, shame and remorse are being generated inside of us, making us want to compensate for them. These beings then use these feelings against us telling us things such as: "You have made these mistakes, you have to go back to fix this and that". Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, so their emotional manipulation scam will never end if you buy into it because being human it's impossible to not make what we perceive to be humanly mistakes. This NDE for example shows how one woman is shown not one but two fake life reviews in order to convince her to go back.

"New Age" believers who promote calling upon "your" spirit guides, guardian angels, ascended masters and religious figures for help, are actually doing huge damage to themselves and to all of humanity and they are not even aware of it. You are everything you need to succeed. You are a powerful creator being and you don't need to give your power away to anybody.

tricks of the archons.jpg


How they're using your religious beliefs against you

Religion has programmed you to believe that at the moment of your death, a spiritual judgement type of scenario will take place(the biblical Judgement) and it will be expected of you to give your authority away to these beings (God,angels,guides) letting them decide your fate, so that when your time actually does come, you won't even question these beings and what they are doing with you, instead you will simply accept whatever they ask from you because everything will seem to be going as planned, since that's what religion programmed you to believe will happen when your physical life will end.

These entities take advantage of the fact that you have been continuously conditioned to believe in an afterlife saviour who will take you to the Heavens if you're a good boy. Even if you're an atheist, when you see this "God" or "Jesus" figure right there in front of you in the astral, you may start to have second thoughts about what you thought about religion back on Earth and you will most likely end up accepting what these entities want you to do because your perception of reality can change in an instant in a shocking and surprising scenario like that.

Religion has also given you the sense of being a guilty sinner who has to worship, obey and pray to a certain God(depending on your religion) in the hopes of afterlife salvation. The real salvation is not coming from the parasitic entities who pretend to be our creators, it is coming from ourselves. In order for this to happen, we have to become aware of what actually awaits us when we die so we can use our free will to put an end to this vicious reincarnation cycle.

The real, powerful, infinite, creator God (who has nothing to do with any religious movement) is already within you. You are Source energy. We are the saviours we have been waiting for and we don't need to give our power away to anybody.

Think about this: if you're born somewhere in Europe/North America/South America for example, then the main religions of those areas tell you that God put you on this Earth to live your life and at the end of that life, there will be judgement. God will then decide whether you'll go to Heaven or Hell, for eternity. But, what if you're born in other areas of the world such as the Middle East? or India? or any country/region in which the main religion is either Buddhism, Hinduism or Jainism? These religions teach that after death there is reincarnation, no heaven no hell. So why is it that the place we're born in on this planet dictates a certain belief in something so important such as our existence beyond physical life? Will random luck really going to dictate what's going to happen to each one of us at the moment of our death? Will each one of us have a different afterlife fate just because we're born in different places around the world? It is all part of their game of deception, but the more you expand your awareness the easier you can see through the lies and deceit of the social and religious programming that we've all been through one way or another.


Death Trap:

[AN]: The following has been taken from a blog that mostly talks about spirituality and the human conscious however, there the Author eventually came to the same conclusion via a different route than analysing religious texts or NDE´s. Here the author has coined the term "AIF" for the entities who benefit from us endlessly reincarnating and creating loosh. I will discuss who or what they are later.

What usually happens when we die is that Spirit Guides, who are more often than not AIF in disguise, escort us to where in the astral we are supposed to go. Where we end up depends on our beliefs—if we believe in Jesus and Heaven, we are most likely to be transported into such a frequency band (dimension) in the astral plane. We will mingle with likeminded, and there might even be a God there, and Jesus might sit by his side—it's all virtual realities within virtual realities, and we help creating these realities with our beliefs, which form the energy we transmit and receive. (AN: basic principle of Law of Attraction or "As above so below" Therefore, someone who believes in Krishna will likely end up in a dimension within the hologram containing a Hindu belief system.

The afterlife often begins with a "tunnel of light," through which the discarnate soul/mind/light-body travels to her destination. At the end of the tunnel, an appropriate being greets the soul. This being could be Jesus or Krishna, or simply a loved one, who has passed away earlier. These beings/persons are often just projections, created by the AIF to pull the soul into a certain "container" or "astral dimension."

The AIF knows whom to project because they have the technology to scan the soul—before or at the death moment—for memories and experiences. These memories and experiences are then used to give the soul a "life review," where she will re-experience the most recent lifetime in a matter of seconds or minutes, measured in Earth time. The soul is then encouraged to examine this life experience and compare the good and not so good things she did during her previous lifetime. Subsequently, she discusses with her Spirit Guide what she needs to improve, and the soul will then feel a certain amount of guilt for the "bad things" she did to herself or others, or what she neglected to do for other people while she was incarnated. The Spirit Guide then suggests that the soul returns to Earth to remedy these "flaws." In order to create balance, the Spirit Guide will tell the soul that in the next incarnation it is a good idea to experience the "other side of the coin," i.e. if the soul was abusive to others in the previous life, it's a good idea to become the abused in the next lifetime to experience the matter from the other person's perspective. This is where the idea of karma comes into play. It is a term and a "phenomenon" invented by the AIF with the purpose of having the soul reincarnate willingly under a strict set of rules.

It should also be mentioned that in some instances, a discarnate soul is recycled immediately after the recent body has expired. This soul goes through a tunnel as well, but in these cases, the tunnel just leads back to Earth again, and the soul is shot into a new body—she has no choice in the matter.

The "adventures" in the afterlife trap are fairly well described by author and researcher Dr. Michael Newton, who wrote a series of books on the subject, after having put more than 7,000 subjects into regression therapy, where the subjects were telling similar stories of what happens between lives. His best book, in my opinion, is Destiny of Souls. A synopsis of this book can be found by using this link to one of my papers, Wes Penre, March 25, 2011: "Metaphysics Paper #4: There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel– What Happens After Body Death?"

Regardless if she is vibrating on a frequency that is equivalent to the Christian Heaven, an Islamic Heaven, in Hell, or elsewhere, this between lives zone is just a temporary abode; the soul will eventually be brought into a "control room" in the astral, and with assistance from advanced technology, the soul will be beamed back to the Earth plane and will hover around the pregnant woman who is to become his or her mother, and at a point during the pregnancy, the soul enters the body, upon which a new lifetime begins.

This describes the Death Trap in a nutshell. This soul recycling process has been practiced here for millennia, and each time we enter a new body, we do this with artificially induced amnesia caused by the AIF. Thus, we more or less have to relearn what we learned in previous lives. And even though we are not allowed to remember our past lives, traumas and experiences from other lifetimes and other lines of time affect us in the current incarnation because they are embedded in our soul. As a result, we often don't understand why we act and react the way we do and why we are afraid of certain things and not of others. This makes life on Earth extremely difficult, and the so-called learning lessons are often filled with trauma, guilt, anger, sadness, and other unwanted experiences. This is not how it is supposed to be.

Now with the establishment of when the reincarnation occurs and how it ties in with different beliefs and interpretations of death we can start to paint a picture.

Both authors at some point mention reptillians. A prominent subject of conspiracy theories and proposed enemy to humans, we will now look into how these beings tie together with our hypothesis. It is also now time to look at the most fantastical and argueably most far-fetched aspect of this hypothesis.

The Astral(Spirit) Realm, Loosh, the Reptilians and their Agenda


The Reptilians are found in the literature of multiple ancient cultures across the globe. Jainism and Hindu talk about the 'NAGA' whom they describe as 'half-human half-serpent deities'. The aztecs used to worship the 'Quetzalcoatl' whom they described as the "serpent-like God". The Hopi Indians in North America referred to a race of reptoids called the 'Sheti', translated "Snake-Brothers". In Africa, shamans claim to bear extensive esoteric knowledge of a race of reptilian beings called the Chitauri, whom they say control the Earth. Chinese, Korean and Japanese legends talk about a race of reptilian beings called the "Kappa". The Gnostics talk about the parasitic entities whom they call 'Archons' who not only use humans as an energetic food source but they also prevent our souls from leaving the material realm upon the death of our physical bodies.

The Reptilians are both physical and astral beings. They've been heavily involved in the manipulation of mankind for thousands of years and are responsible for setting up the soul trap around the planet with the help of extremely advanced technology. This energy grid around the planet serves multiple purposes, one of it's main purposes is to project this 'grandiose' tunnel of light in the proximity of people who have just died in order to lure their souls in. This is the same tunnel of light that so many people who've had near death experiences have reported seeing on the other side. The soul may be under the impression that the tunnel is going to take it to the Heavens or perhaps to a higher plane of existence, depending on it's level of awareness. In reality, when a soul enters the tunnel, it's memory gets wiped and the soul is put into another body here on Earth(reincarnation). The tunnel acts as a bait and to make a good analogy, imagine a fisherman and his fishing rod: he throws in the bait which hides the hook and the fish get trapped in it when they bite. We get tricked and trapped by the tunnel of light in a similar way if we aren't aware that it is a trap. In this case, we're the fish. The Reptilians are highly intelligent, highly advanced technologically and they lack empathy which makes them dangerous. These beings see themselves as 'Gods' and humanity as their enslaved cattle.

The reason they want to keep us here is because they need to feed off of us energetically: when people go through any kind of suffering, these entities feed off of our lower frequency emotions such as fear, pain, grief, anger, jelousy, rage, anxiety, lust, (AN: This is also called Loosh) because they are low vibrational beings that require low vibrational energy in order to survive. Rudolf Steiner, one of the most prolific and gifted scientists, philosophers, and esotericists of his time explains how the Archons feed off of our fear and anxiety.

The majority of people living on this planet today have been continously reincarnating on this planet for thousands of years because we keep falling for the same trap when our physical bodies die. Most of us have no memories of our past existences since our memories get wiped before every reincarnation, so every time we are born on this planet we think we've just arrived for the first time with a grand purpose or mission to fulfill given to us by who we think is God.

"Our consciousness interacts with another dimension. Our physical sensors only show us a 3-dimensional universe. What exists in the higher dimensions are entities we cannot touch with our physical sensors" - Bernard Carr, professor of mathematics and astronomy who studied under Stephen Hawking and earned his doctorate at Cambridge.
When our physical bodies die or when we have an out-of-body experience, our soul goes into the astral(spirit) realm and while we can still observe what's happening on Earth but we can no longer interact with physical matter. These parasitic entities exist mainly but not exclusively in the astral plane. It's crucial that we become aware of the fact that these entities who are masters of deceit play 'God' in order to trick us into accepting reincarnation and thus having our memories wiped, convincing us that it's in our best interest to do so.

How are they able to do that, you may ask? When we're out of our bodies the laws of physics as we know them no longer have the same effects upon us as we find ourselves in a different realm in which we are able to do things that would be impossible in the physical world. Our souls are pure energy, so in the astral/spirit realm, we can change the shape of our astral body(spirit) into anything we want by simply willing it to happen because unlike in the physical world, we can use our consciousness to manifest a different looking body in an instant when we're in the astral plane, since we are no longer affected by physical laws and limitations. We can also fly around or teleport by simply using our intention to do so. We can even go to higher vibratory realms(where the real good-hearted beings live) if our vibration is high enough.

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" - Nikola Tesla
If you understand that in the astral, any entity can change the shape of it's astral body into anything it wishes to, then you realize that even the most malevolent entity possible can present itself to you in a different form to trick you into thinking you're speaking to God or to your guardian angel, or even to one of the members of your family who had passed away. They do this because they know you'd put your trust in these religious figures or in the familiar faces and once they gained that trust they can easily manipulate you into doing things that are not in your best interests at all. They masquerade as 'beings of light' that emanate a fake sensation of love and peace to make you think they're the good guys who are there to guide you and to give you your next "mission to fulfill".

This is mentioned even in the bible:

"And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light" - II Corinthians 11:14

Supporting Evidence:

The perspective of past life regression hypnosis

Calogero Grifasi is a past life regression hypnotist from Italy. He has posted thousands of past life regression sessions on youtube that explain what happens to the soul inbetween lives, how the Reptilians feed off of us energetically while we're physically on Earth and how they try to manipulate us into accepting reincarnation when we die by disguising themselves as religious figures in the astral.

I've analyzed more than 400 sessions of his with different clients from all over the world but the following sessions are one of the most significant sessions he's posted in English that you need to see for yourself:

Session 1: Entity masquerades as Jesus to entrap souls upon death - This is an investigative session on the reincarnation cycle to find out what happens to a soul inbetween lives and it shows how a soul is being deceived by astral entities to reincarnate back on Earth.

Session 2: This session shows how Reptilian entities interfere with us during and after our lives on Earth.

Session 3: This session reveals stuff about alien technology and how the entities use religions in their favor and against us.

Session 4: Another session with a different client reveals that Earth acts as a soul reincarnation trap for anyone who incarnates here.

Session 5: The unmasking of a client's "spirit guide", which turned out to be nothing more than an energetic parasite pretending to be the client's spirit guide.

The information that's coming out of Calogero's sessions doesn't actually come from himself directly, as he is the person who investigates and asks the questions, the information is coming from people that are able to enter the hypnotic state of mind which are either his clients or people who enter the hypnotic state for his clients. He has posted thousands of sessions with different people from all over the world that talk about encountering the same type of entities who play 'God', 'Jesus',"angels" that trick people into reincarnating back on Earth and having their memories completely erased. Feel free to research as many of his hypnotic sessions as you'd like, here's his sessions in italian and spanish that are subtitled in english. He also has other channels in other languages or subtitled in french,german,spanish,polish,romanian,russian,portuguese,etc that you can find here.

The perspective of Gnosticism & Buddhism

The word 'Gnostic' comes from the term 'gnosi' in greek which means 'knowledge'. The Gnostics were a group of people who seeked to reveal the truth of the supreme essence of the divine, thus overthrowing false beliefs of God, society and life in general. They say that humans are divine souls trapped in the physical world and that the only way one could attain salvation from this place is not through worshiping the Demiurge(the false God of religion) but through gaining secret esoteric knowledge about who you really are, where you came from, and about how these parasitic entities operate, which will eventually set you free from this physical world in which your soul is trapped in. In the Gnostic texts, they talk about the parasitic entities whom they call 'Archons' who not only use us as an energetic food source but they also prevent our souls from leaving the material realm upon the death of our physical bodies. The Gnostic texts describe at length the manipulation of humankind by what they call non-human 'Archons' or rulers. The soul trap is also mentioned in The Secret Book of John, which confirms the information coming from other sources. More information about the gnostic beliefs can be found here.

Buddhism teaches that reincarnation is an endless cycle of suffering (the wheel of Samsara) that can only be broken by achieving enlightment. In other words, we are stuck in a reincarnation cycle where we are bound to continuously suffer one way or another, life after life, until we spiritually wake up and break free from the reincarnation cycle.

The perspective of Remote Viewing

ANALYSIS AND ASSESSMENT OF GATEWAY PROCESS - Brave 24.05.2023 22_58_39 (2).png

Remote viewing or 'extra sensory perception' was developed in the 1970's by the CIA and was used for espionage purposes. Remote viewing is the ability of a human being to perceive information and imagery of remote geographical targets, regardless of time and space. While this is a natural ability, it is very hard to do without training. Here is a tutorial that teaches you the basics. People who effectively use remote viewing aren't special, they are simply highly trained individuals and anyone can learn how to do it.

Farsight Institute has some of the best remote viewers on the planet today. Amongst many different projects, they have investigated the afterlife and the Reptilians using remote viewing techniques:

[AN]: Here The Author goes deeper into Farsight, however it is paywalled and Im not a proponent of paid content. For the sake of Integrity I leave it in but put it into spoilers.

In a project called The Death Traps, 3 highly trained remote viewers from the Farsight Institute were tasked to remote view what happens to the soul of a person when the psysical body dies. All 3 of them perceived the exact same scenario without communicating with each other, that the soul is confused, disoriented and ends up entering a tunnel of light which violently shocks the soul. Immediately after that, the soul no longer has the memory of who it was and where it come from. I recommend watching the whole RV project for a better understanding, not just the trailer.

In another Farsight project called The Escape, they have investigated how Earth has long been used as a prison planet. The remote viewers have been able to psychically perceive the grid that surrounds the Earth which is being used to "zap" souls who attempt to go through it. Again, I recommend watching the whole RV project for a better understanding, not just the trailer.

In many other remote viewing projects made by Farsight Institute such as Area 51, Oumuamua, Zeus, The War In Heaven among others, they have often psychically perceived these agressive, evil-looking Reptilian beings with psychopathic minds who always try to control, conquer and manipulate other beings.

[AN]: Since the Topic of remote viewing is a favourite and pet peeve on mine I put here some more ressources on this topic, heads up, these Links lead directly to CIA servers.

Analysis and Assessment of the Gateway Project, this is basically the declassified report about remote viewing and what led to Project Stargate.

Transcript of a Remote Viewing Session done by the CIA in a controlled enviroment.

Transcript of Mars Remote Viewing Session again done by the CIA and this time the Target is Mars. Yes, the things being discussed in this declassified documents warrants its own article. However in this case it serves as simple evidence of the feasability of Remote viewing, its earnest pursuit done by Intelligence Services and to further illustrate how much there really is.

Ironically, there was confusion if remote viewing done by the CIA falls under Human Experimentation which would violate several laws. This little excursion into goverment bureaucracy and actual real-world implications of psychic powers also serves as further prove on the legitimacy of this peculiar subject.


The perspective of Robert Monroe

Robert Monroe was the father of out-of-body experiences and astral projection. After having had out-of-body experiences for more than 30 years, Monroe discovered that our reality is used to create and harvest what he calls 'loosh' energy(emotional energy that every being produces). He claims that this universe has been enslaved for the production of loosh energy by inter-dimensional beings who see themselves as rulers and humanity as their enslaved cattle. His book Far Journeys gives detailed information about loosh, here's some references from his book. Robert Monroe also claims that another source of loosh is humans' worship of Gods.

Note: The CIA has declassified numerous documents proving the existence and use of astral projection and out-of-body experiences, this being one of them.


[AN]: I´m definetly against using drugs, as it serves to the degradation of the spirit and is the low hanging fruit of achieving actual enlightment or spiritual wisdom, but for the sake of diversity I include the following.

The perspective of psychedelic experiencers

Many people who've done psychedelics reported a certain kind of experience indicating that this place is either a prison planet or a soul farm and that we are being farmed energetically, which confirms the information coming from other sources that have nothing to do with psychedelics, such as gnosticism, past life regression hypnosis data, remote viewing data and also Robert Monroe's out of body experiences and research.


[AN]: David Icke is like the Alex Jones of everything paranormal, spiritual and occult. He gives shows, books, media in general and can be stumbled upon sooner or later in a variety of topics. However he is attributed to be a liar and to greatly exxagarate. Even within the Alternative scene. So I would take his words with a few grams of salt and not necessarily showing a direction. He is on the verge of being someone that gives actual insights and also showing signs of being the new age snake oil conman type.

The perspective of David Icke

For the last 30 years, David Icke has been a full-time investigator into who and what is actually controlling our society from the shadows. David Icke believes that the universe is made up of vibrational energy and consists of an infinite number of dimensions. His vast research suggests that an inter-dimensional race of Reptilian beings have hijacked the Earth and continuously manipulate global events in order to keep humans controlled and in constant fear.

In this video David talks about how the Reptilians control our society, why the human eye is unable to see them and how they use us as an energetic food source.

David Icke talking about the Archons, Gnosticism & The Reptilian Agenda.

David Icke has wrote more than 20 books about how our society actually works and who runs it. His books are extremely well researched. One of his books gives detailed information about the way the Reptilians operate and how they manipulate us: Children of the Matrix: How an Interdimentional Race Has Controlled the Planet for Thousands of Years - And Still Does: "We are born into a world controlled by unseen forces that have plagued and manipulated humanity for thousands of years".

How to Escape the Cycle:

Again on the Blog of Wes Penre, there is also a quite interesting paragraph on a proposed way to escape this endless cycle of reincarnation. I will post excerpts here but greatly encourage you to check out his entire Blog:


The first important thing is to ignore whomever approaches you once you separate from your physical body in death. This is where focusing comes into the picture! I can't emphasize enough how important this is, in order not to get distracted.

Because the Afterlife Staff has more than likely scanned our energy field before, or at the death moment, they also know what our plans are. They are not going to stop us by force, but they might try to distract us and to manipulate us into following them. It's fairly easy for them to get us to give them permission to suck us into their tunnel of light, or however they want to bring you to the next afterlife station. This is why it's so important to learn how to focus before we die. In other words, start the process today! I will discuss how to focus in the designated section below.

Instead of paying any attention to anyone, regardless of who they might be, or appear to be, you concentrate on what is "above" you. You will notice that you now have a 360° vision, but when I wrote "above," I meant in relation to where your dead body is.

Above you, you will see the Grid. It may be fuzzy or more "solid," depending on your focus, but that's relatively unimportant. Once you've spotted the Grid, look for holes in it. You should be able to see those almost instantly. Choose one of the holes, focus on it and put out the thought and intention that you are now going to nano-travel[9] through the hole and land in the VOID (or KHAA, whatever term you prefer). Be aware that you will show up on the other side of the hole instantaneously, and unexperienced as you might be, you may not even be aware of that you have reached your first destination until you have oriented yourself.

What you will experience next depends on your own willingness to see what is really there. A totally ignorant soul, who potentially would go through the Grid, would only see the solar system and dark space, in a way we are supposed to see these things while still in the hologram. Such a soul would soon be approached by Spirit Guides or guards, be told that she has wandered astray, and she would then be escorted to an afterlife station of the Spirit Guides' choice, depending on the belief system of the discarnate.

The readers of this article have hopefully also read at least parts of the WPP,[10]and hopefully also my e-book, Synthetic Super-Intelligence—A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond.[11] A general comprehension of these two sources is crucial to understanding where to go from here.

Once on the other side of the Grid, someone who is aware (most readers of this article), would see the Universe the way it really looks like. You will probably see something that looks similar to a luminous spider web, where the web consists of "highways" and trade routes between star systems and galaxies. However, there will be no "darkness" anymore—you will notice that what we call "dark space" is now lit up and occupied, similar to a lit up room. What is going to be in this endless "room" that I call the KHAA/VOID, and science calls Dark Matter and Dark Energy, is anyone's guess; I really don't know, other than that it is going to be a huge surprise and not what we might have expected, limited as we have been, operating with only five senses.

Nonetheless, the KHAA will re-stimulate what our soul already knew in the "past," before we were trapped. We all have been "KHAA beings" once upon a time, so a certain familiarity will also be present.

It's my guess that you will look at this in awe and have a great sensation of "homecoming" and happiness. It will probably feel a little awkward to begin with, but you will soon become very familiar with this new view of the Universe; our true home.

It's important to understand that in the KHAA we don't need any spaceships or other vehicles to travel around—it's all done by using our thoughts. Therefore, it's very important to be able to focus one's thoughts. If your thoughts remain as dispersed as many people are today, you will soon notice that your thoughts will take you all over the map, and you end up somewhere unintentionally. In the next moment, you'll find yourself elsewhere, and you will jump around in this fashion until you think to yourself, "OK, it's time to focus. STOP!" At that moment, you will stop bouncing around. Next, focus your thought (one thought only) on where you want to go (for example, to the Gates of the Orion Empire). Then imagine in your mind how it would look like (it doesn't have to be "correct"), just create a pure intention that this is where you want to go, and then go.

In that way, you will end up where you actually want to go.


Now what to make out of all this? This Hypothesis put forward by many people, sometimes independently shares a character of uniqueness. On the web eventually, you come across a lot of different Theories, Conspiracies and Truths, but they often require you to bend a lot of your world views or established principles before it can even be proposed. This Hypothesis however is straight forward, refrains from including "mambo-jumbo" and generally feels plausible. Worth mentioning is the incorporation of many suspected conspiracies and paranormal subjects. Also it ties in neatly, or tries to, with religion.
Do I believe in it?
For the time being and without any additional findings coming forth on the subject of "What happens after we die?" than yes. It is compared to other stories or teachings the most plausible candidat currently. And no harm done if it turns out to not be real and just another thought expiriment. In any case this hypothesis warrants discussion and perhaps further research into this theory. However, I´m not the arbiter of this Hypothesis, I will not bend over backwards to defend it or try to keep it relevant, like proponents of Flat Earth do. If more information becomes available and if other theories seem even more plausible, than this one has to retire. Only of course, when it undeniably is confirmed to be obsolete. For the time being, it has extra ordinary proof, and symbiosis with a lot of topics and a lot occurences. The implications are far fetched and shake a lot of cores understandably. But every good Hypothesis has to.
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Anti-Globalist Taskforce 8 "Florian Geyer"
Jan 27, 2021
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I will make an edit to this article and add the perspective of the egyptians to it. I knew of this before but lacked sources to cite but now I found pretty solid ones. Basically its that the pyramids serve as machine or apparatus to enable the soul to get back to the orion. Egyptian lyricals are pretty blunt about this and speak about how the pyramid creates a ramp for the soul (the shafts are aimed at the orion constellation) and shoots it up there. Then it moves through the milkyway and faces challenges( AIF) and only if it solves them can find rest in orion. Authority of egyptiology either dont acknowledge those texts, one of the very few there are about ancient egypt or just waves them off as myth. But we are already well aware that authoritive science doesn't like anything that doesn't serve the current world order or challenges it.
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Jun 8, 2022
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This is a serious thread and you cant easily say your opinion. I agree to some i disagree to other details of the thread but i love it. Serious work. I have to study it better to analyse and speak about my opinions in every single phrase of it.
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Anti-Globalist Taskforce 8 "Florian Geyer"
Jan 27, 2021
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This is a serious thread and you cant easily say your opinion. I agree to some i disagree to other details of the thread but i love it. Serious work. I have to study it better to analyse and speak about my opinions in every single phrase of it.

Perhaps there is nothing to give an opinion about. But to just read it, comprehend it and carry it with you. And when you happen to come across things that coincides with this hypothesis or negates it than you can dive deeper into it. Like I said, I haven't found anything similar to this yet. Nothing thats both as blunt and as calculated. Although some aspects seem to have tinkering to it but it feels like that this thesis serves as the basis for every afterlife story or explanation there is. Like a Framework and the different cultures and beliefs add their decorations to it. Similar to how Noah, Gilgamesh, Isis etc is the same story but molded respective to their religions and epoch.
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