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Quarantine Wellness check Thread

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Neon Vangelis

Yeah, it's been really hard to live a life of isolation all over again after having built a decent irl life with socialization and stuff but at least in here everything is slowly going back to normal so I hope everybody was able to get through it at least as much as i did.
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Ive been working this entire time (essential worker part of the food chain), so that hasn't been different, less traffic to and from tho, so that is nice, my state and local government have been surprisingly very on top of flatting the curve, and that helped alot with the stress of just going into pandemic world every day. I hope everyone else is alright! To cope with the general stress of the pandemic Ive been: hiking alot more, we have a large park close to our house with lots of trails where you can hike with almost never seeing anyone, got a puppy(best idea), and started painting my Warhammer40K models again((DANGLES#no.1notheritics) i have almost a whole company of SM's), along with lots more music playing creating and practicing.
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