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Rabbitholes and how to find them.

Welcome to the Esoteric forum and welcome to the world that is around you that people generally avoid talking about because it isn't as sure nor safe as around the bright campfires of the cities on hills. Into the dubh (dark in gaidhlig) is where all must go to truly understand the light. As such we must go on night hunts to find the more rare and fine sustenances and the thrill of the hunt that one experiences is called a rabbithole. The new hunter must be aware of the preparations that have to happen before the hunt. A major part is realizing in the chase a hunter may stumble through most unwelcoming camps or bands. Worse yet you might find your prey is just the shadow of a much more fierce beast. In such a case you may feel you are in far too deep for one's level of experience, this is only due to venturing from the farmed animals that most people go after. That being said farmed animals are not necessarily useless but going after the freeroaming beasts is every hunter's birthright. Furthermore farmed animals should generally serve as a practice for their more wild counterparts. Sadly in this age good hunting parties are not very easy to form due to many believing many wild beasts to have been hunted to extinction, all tamed, or more foolishly that they had never existed. Regardless of these beliefs it is essential to form a hunting party or at least a campfire which one can discuss hunting stories so one can finetune their skills. Ideally one would find multiple campfires but that will require time that some do not have, as such adjust to needs and abilities accordingly. As it was said in times of old even up to the present day and hour,"Meat for men and milk for babes", to clarify men in this case refers to mature persons/individuals and babes is an older word for babies. Milk is not meet to be drank for all of one's days but nor is meat meant to be consumed before one has the teeth to. That being said do not spend much time of mush before eating farmed animals, it will leave you with a weak jaw characteristic of those who know not the world. I doubt I will elaborate on my hunting stories on here unless I find it to be a suitable campfire for my night hunts. Until then or other such relevant occasions, happy hunting and best of health.

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