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Rant on PSN. Banned from Playstation, now I cant play digital games that I paid for!


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So basically what happened is that since I'm going to college right now, I live with my siblings. My little brother is 7 years old and he bought $200 worth of Veebucks on Fortnite. I was mad as hell so I canceled the transaction on PayPal and I deleted Fortnite from my PS4. A few days later PSN permanently banned me, not only can I not play online (which is understandable) but I can't play offline aswell! Wtf? I paid around $60-$40 for several digital games and the only way to ever play them again is to make a new account and buy them again. What a load of bull! :ConfusedKaguya::PikaFacepalm:
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Even if you don't get banned, you'll lose your games eventually when companies decide to shut down the servers. Sadly not even buying discs nowadays will prevent you from having oversized paperweights in the future as they require several GBs of download to be playable. Archival efforts for the future look like a nightmare. Stick to retro vidya.
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