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Dec 8, 2022
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does anyone else have themes that recur again and again in their dreams & seem to bear deep personal significance? i'm not talking about nightmares like having to take a test you never studied for or having to give a speech in front of people in your underwear, but scenarios that are suffused with positive emotions and beauty. i have always had very vivid dreams - at times more vivid than real life - but these types of dreams stand out against the rest. the dream scenarios that recur for me are:

- i find myself in a beachfront area with high, gently sloping cliffs leading down to the clear blue water. i slide down the cliffs to the sea, feeling joyful and free. this is thematically linked to the legend of zelda - the wind waker. (the first dream i had that i remember was based on that game. i was 7 or 8 at the time.)

- i am exploring an old abandoned property. it is from the victorian era, weathered and overgrown with weeds but retaining some of its former elegance. i sneak onto the grounds under the cover of night and find my way into the building. i discover an indoor pool and decide to swim in it. no one will find me. there is an overwhelming feeling of peace and contentment.

- i am exploring a large house owned by someone other than me. i climb up a seemingly endless staircase. at the end i discover secret rooms. unlike the other scenarios this dream is sometimes stressful and unpleasant. i worry that the house owners will find me or that i will discover something i wasn't meant to see.

- i am traveling to a different city or country. often it is nominally a place i have been before, it is "New York" or "Toronto" or "London", but the dream version bears few similarities to the real place. the process of being in transit is the most significant part of the dream. there is a feeling of openness, of revelatory expectation, of liminality. the vast emptiness of airports, the endless stretches of highways. when/if i arrive at the destination, it feels like a place of limitless possibilities.
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does anyone else have similar dreams, or similar experiences involving different themes? i am interested in learning what other people dream about. feel free to share your experiences here.
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Jul 12, 2022
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I can't remember my dreams well, when i was younger i had dreams about water. Creepy faces made out of water, in the water, talking to me. Me holding on to a palm tree in a storm watching my parents drown in the water (both are alive, i don't live anywhere near where palm trees grow, never have). I think nowadays when i dream, i dream about romance, going to work and whatever topic consumed my mind across the waking day (mostly when its about some fantasy world, rarely when its useful stuff)
I liked water a lot when i was younger, was swimming rather often, an image that lingers in my mind still is a swimming hall my family had access too after it was closed and all dark (some of the staff were family friends) this may have contributed to the dreams

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