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Review: An Aural Account [ I - Abundant Color] by Sean Han Tani || Electronic

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May 25, 2018
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An Aural Account [ I - Abundant Color] by Sean Han Tani

This album certainly feel like an 8bit chill rhythm and when you stare the the cover it will help you see it that way. The 3 tracks played on this album has their own unique styles. The First track Lustrous, Brilliant reminds me of a mix of Tycho and Com Truise. This would be best to hear at night. The flute gives this track a nice Chinese feel to the song like "Xwaves For China"did. The second track Dusk, Overwhelming has a rough start, it broke the flow of the other two tracks, i didn't like it. Lastly the third one has a nice piano rhythm and it will make you feel like your laying down the river in a sunset lit forrest.

View: http://nnetworkeditions.bandcamp.com/album/an-aural-account-i-abundant-color
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