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Review of "Dreams" by Trushinitas, Stux.Io & Vaporwavez

Two days ago, the vaporwave artist Trushinitas released a new single in which he collaborated with Stux.Io and Vaporwavez.
Since I've liked it so much, I think it is a good time to make a review of it.
First things first: who are these artists?
Trushinitas is a DJ and producer from Mexico City, and he created this music project in 2017, he is influenced by Jazz, Funk, R&B, Soul, Hip-Hop, Synthpop and Future Funk.
Stux.Io is a guitarist and electronic music producer who likes making both uptempo and downtempo songs, he is a multigenre artist and he enjoys making lo-fi, vaporwave, synthwave and house music!
Vaporwavez, is (of course) a vaporwave music producer, and, to quote his Spotify bio, he makes vaporwavez.
So, now that I've introduced you to these great artists it's time to talk about the piece.
The song starts with a very soft melody, and it absolutely has lo-fi influences. I wouldn't define it a 100% lo-fi song though, because it has much of the vaporwave music genre.
It gives me the sensation of floating, because the drum kit is present and you can feel the rhythm, but it is soft, just like the melody, giving you the sensation of a dream, as it is probably meant to.
Are the vaporwave influences hearable? Heck yes.
The melody does it all, despite the already-mentioned lo-fi influences, vaporwave is what prevails in this beautiful piece of art.
Do I recommend listening to it?
Especially if you need to chill like a pro.

BandCamp Link:
View: https://trushinitas.bandcamp.com/track/dreams-ft-stux-io-vaporwavez

Spotify Link:
View: https://open.spotify.com/track/2YpY3UKrjEh9ZfhxDk9gPN?si=745bc5caa283463d


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