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Review of "Quantum Superpositions and Discrete Abstractions" (Premium Deluxe Edition) by Stux.Io & Vaporwavez

Welcome here with a new review! :D
The title speaks already for me.
Stux.Io is a vaporwave, lo-fi, synthwave and house music artist who's also a guitarist and an electronic music producer who makes both uptempo and downtempo music.
This new album, which was released a month ago (June 16, 2021) is a 13 tracks album and it includes many subgenres of vaporwave. This is the artist's first full length album.
The first track, 56Kbit/s Magic is a great example of classic vaporwave, with its nostalgic melody, a little bit downtempo and extremely pleasant for our ears, honestly, I like the chills that this first track gives me and how I'm actually feeling a little bit sentimental even about the memories I made today.
The second track, Noche De Lujo is a little bit more synth, they're present from the first notes of the song and this song has the actual "summer vibe", like the summer in the 80s we all wish we lived, no lie, I wish I had a time machine to live a summer day during those times.
Advanced Shopping Mall Technology has the key to understand the track in its name: MALL. Mall Soft, Mall Wave, whatever you want to call it, this is a piece that was literally made to be listened either while shopping or in those situations, musically it's a little bit different than the "mainstream" Mall Soft, because the sounds are a little bit stronger, but I seriously enjoy it a lot because it makes me feel more emotions and I freaking love it when music gives me goosebumps.
Diamonds starts with a tribal rhythm, and then it maintains it in the melody but it gets a little bit more synthwave. Then the guitar hits and you find yourself on a tropical beach sipping pineapple juice, I really feel like it.
Vaporboogie Y3K is happy, full of life, and you CAN HEAR that boogie. It is a futuristic view of that music genre, with vaporwave elements and maybe some jazz influences? The artists will have to confirm this though!
Then, there's Tango de Vapor, which mixes many elements, such as the typical vaporwave that is present in each track of the album, but, there's also some tango music, which is great, because it is something completely different, you would never expect someone to actually mix vaporwave and tango, but, it's here in this masterpiece and it's great, there's even a guitar solo, the cherry on top of this piece.
Aesthetic simply reminds me of Crystal Pepsi, this soft melody, which is yet a decise melody, and gives you the 80s feel, the whole vaporwave mix is made majestically, and, even here, the guitar solo is present, it emphasizes better the whole idea of the 80s aesthetics.
Here we go with the 8th track: Aerobic Workout 95. The track starts with a similar-to-disco-music melody and then it keeps a certain rhythm, for sure I will listen to it while working out! But, seriously, it's a great track which makes you feel happy, and, it's even good for when you decide to do a little bit of movement, I don't know what's better than this.
Intermission, is literally, an intermission, with elevator music and a nice feminine voice at the beginning that tells you to wait for the next track: THIS IDEA IS COMPLETELY A GENIUS IDEA, it's great and, it also makes you smile because it's unexpected.
2121: A Vaportrap Odyssey, a track that left me speechless because it's very particular, there's still the 80s feel but, of course it seems something made appositely to make you think of the famous movie, I liked it.
Vapor Funk, as soon as it starts, you literally get all funky and feel like dancing!! It is energic, funny (in an extremely good way) and just a ray of sunshine. You can appreciate the perfectly funk melody, and, even dance while listening to it!! It is 80s, it is funk, and even vapor funk, but extremely vapor funk!!
We're almost at the end of the album, and we're listening to Hirajoshi, it has got many synths, there's much synthwave,and it is way more nostalgic and downtempo than the other tracks from the album! The main melody is very downtempo as I already said, but it's literally the perfect piece before the ending of a great album like this.
Epilogue (See You In My Dreams), starts with a very dream synths melody, reminding me of clouds, then, bells, it's seems like the music is taking us to heaven, as if we're getting higher in the sky and just waiting to reach the highest point, emotional, a little bit downtempo, honesly, the perfect melody, I have to say that I almost cried while listening to it.
This album is absolutely beautiful, a perfect way to start with you first full length, I'm proud of your work and I cannot wait to see more of them!!!!

View: https://stuxio.bandcamp.com/album/quantum-superpositions-and-discrete-abstractions-premium-deluxe-edition


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