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State of Gaming #1: Preorder Hell


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Jul 16, 2022
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When I was 11 my mind was blown by that one famous No Mans Sky trailer, I immediately jumped onto the hype train. For the next two years I checked in like every week on the status of the game, watched videos, I even joined a forum dedicated to NMS roleplay. And of course, got the special PS4 preorder edition which was $120 AUD of my own pocket money, steep for a jobless child. When I finally got the game, I thought the physical stuff was a bit underwhelming, but at least I had the game! I wasted no time popping it into the PS4.
You all know the rest of the story...
At least the hype for the game was fun. More fun than the game ever was, even after the updates. I never preordered a game after that. People thought at the time that it was the wakeup call for gamers to stop preordering, however they continue to despite it being the norm for an NMS sized bugfest to get shat out every few months by a AAA studio. I don't think we will ever learn...
I had the EXACT experience except I got it on PC. NMS taught me to never preorder which is just tragic.
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