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Strawberry Station's Funky Thread


UK-based Future Funk artist
Hey guys! I'm Strawberry Station, a Future Funk artist from the UK (and soon to be an honourary Canadian). :D

I'm always hovering around the internet in general, but if you wanted to check out my music you can find it at my Bandcamp, my Soundcloud or even now on Spotify!

If you want a quick taster of the stuff I make, here's one of my most recent tracks, "Daijoubu Tonight 「今晩に大丈夫」".

[soundcloud]]View: https://soundcloud.com/strawberrystation/daijoubu-tonight[/soundcloud]

I also dabble in Vaporwave, Lo-fi and a bit of Chiptune, but the funk is my passion. ;)

I'm always happy to answer questions or give tips - I still have a lot to learn myself, but if there's anything I can pass on to people just starting out I'd be delighted to help. :)

So yeah! Let's talk Future Funk! ♡

~ イチゴ駅
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