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Superflat Pop - Aesthetic Highlight #5

Emmy Fitz

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Superflat Pop (c. mid 2000s-early 2010s)


Superflat Pop was a graphic design aesthetic popular from around 2006-2012, and was seen in fashion, advertisements, and other various mediums. Originally popularized by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, it's neon look began to be replicated in music media, video games, and websites before dying off nearly 10 years ago.






I wanted to jump into the 21st century for this week's aesthetic, and while there's multiple from the early 2000s to cover (except Y2K; that has it's own thread), I decided to jump back into the recent past. As the late 2000s falls further and further behind us, it's look is comparatively different to that of the early parts of the decade, and far enough in the past now to be it's own thing. Superflat Pop reminds me of being in junior high from 2009-2011, the fashions that were around, and the websites I used.
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What a nostalgic aesthetic! This is really something I remember being drawn to when I was a kid, I didn't know it had a name, a lot of my school supplies growing up had this sort of aesthetic. There was this trend of making online, avatar-based games for a while, and I remember some of them used this aesthetic too; in particular one I remember seeing ads for that had a toy that also functioned as a radio but you could also use it to access an online game.

The cancelled Akihabara@DEEP Nickelodeon cartoon uses an artistic style similar to this, has character designs by Ippei Gyoubu.
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