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The birth of V I N T A G E W A VE , (Coming full circle in vaporwave and bringing nostalgia back)


Aug 21, 2021
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Greetings one and all, i'm Mr. Vista/VaporwaveVista a visual vaporwave mix comp creator:

I've recently come together with a couple of up and coming vaporwave artists which create music to bring back something very special to I and many others in the scene. I think vaporwave has the potential to be a platform albeit a small one but still a platform for people like us who maybe haven't found success in other avenues in our lives to have a place where you can freely consume and create nostalgic bliss that eliminates the negativity of the day.

We listen to vaporwave because it is a way for us to "hypnotize" ourselves. When we listen to it, we are disassociating ourselves with the time we are in now (21st century) and bringing ourselves back to our childhood or to a time and place which makes us feel like children again. Of course we all know that person we tried to show that vaporwave song to, and they most likely said "is this elevator music?". When we listen to vaporwave, we are basically entering the matrix. The second we pop our headphones out, we are the person we were before.

If it doesn't make us want to dance, then what does it make us want to do?
We listen to it to escape. We listen to vaporwave instead of booking an expensive 5 week vacation to the Bahamas to escape. We are severing our thoughts from reality.

Vaporwave is real. Everything about vaporwave is tied to capitalist sleaze; even its name is a spoof of the term "vaporware," nonexistent products that companies announce and heavily promote as a corporate strategy to keep their competitors at bay. It has been described as "a degrading of commercial music" in an attempt to reveal the "false promises" of capitalism.

Unlike Seapunk, vaporwave is actually "punk," in that it's driven by a subversive political objective: undermining the iron grip of global capitalism... By exposing the alienating emptiness underneath its uncanny sheen. Vaporwave is anti-capitalist Aesthetics. Vaporwave is more than a meme. Vaporwave is more than a joke. I want people to see Vaporwave for what it really is, NOT DEAD. We need to reveal the false promises of capitalism whilst making music that brings us from everywhere around the world all together.

So like i've said, i've come together with a couple of very special music artists: Artist linktree

Λtavistic エターニティー & R E A L I T Y テレビ​

who are helping me make even more spectacular visual mixes and we're returning to the roots of vaporwave, back to the sights and sounds that made us fall in love (vektroid and macintosh plus like) and creating a sub genre for it we call V I N T A G E W A VE ! It's a lovely journey to make and return vaporwave to what it once was, making sights and sounds of good memories and nostalgic places, using that special touch of relaxation and funkiness. The passion inside to create and produce that perfect type of art is a very deep part of me.

I'm not in it for the money or any form of fame or recognition, I could be a nobody for the rest of my life and I wouldn't care, I just wanna spread joy and cheers to all those souls who suffer daily and deserve a good memory here, now and again. It's a selfless quest of love and to make more smiles in this dark world...
I would love to do just that even if its just for a niche part of the internet and real life, welcoming the rest of the world to this music is my dream, people who see and hear the mixes and old nostalgia look with childlike wonder when I mention the genre and all its potential.

I am glad someone can gain something positive from the art and music I compile, I play these visual mixes daily + other mixes that have been around such as spliff radio's mixes, they inspired me to create this persona and love vaporwave for more than just some memed out music, it's a grand feeling of nostalgia I cannot attain otherwise, it gives me peace and i'm grateful for that in this world.

The most recent visual mix comps which embody the sights and sounds of V I N T A G E W A VE :

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlQcPvo_x2o&list=PLKZyk-9W6n071Cc99jKGtm--orKvEZ5BG&index=2

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsDRvCnCzZ4

have only just recently been released, it's a good gauge for what you can expect coming from us and other artists joining our little space on the internet, we've arranged a discord and it's small but welcome to one and all vaporwave enthusiasts, we value freedom of expression and are not gatekeepers or downvoters, we are a supportive and genuine bunch, we have some really good artists in there who are just starting as well as some OGs and if you are looking for a place with good vibes and advice or just a vaporwave hangout then drop in, or not, whatever you'd like to do is fine we don't discriminate like sooooo many different servers and sub forums of vaporwave that do when discussing/posting vaporwave like content or attempting to reach others who might like your content. Our server is getting tidied up and good to go for when it gets bigger, it has many different vaporwave creation oriented purposes and is active.

Thanks for reading if you got this far or acknowledging if you comment/like/subscribe, anything to reach more people is a gift to me. <3


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Aug 2, 2022
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The oxford dictionary describes and defines the word ATAVASTIC as "relating to or characterized by reversion to something ancient or ancestral." This is the feeling we get when we say "I was born in the wrong time/generation." it's the ancestral instincts we have in us all.

The incredibly strong vibes and emotions we get from songs and artwork from yesteryear are part of the atavistic emotion, the inner fabric of our being. the feeling you get when something feels oddly familiar yet you know you haven't seen it. it's the gut feeling in us all,the deja vu that isn't surface level. ITS IN YOUR soul. that is atavistic the feelings/instincts that come from our ancestral heritages woven into the fibers of our being. That is how I felt the first time I ever heard vaporwave in 2015. It felt like I had traveled into a alternate version of my own reality and it's a feeling I don't get with any other genre.

Sadly as I grew older my love for music and the art around it of any genre/scene started to not bring the same passionate feelings it once did...

That was until I discovered R E A L I T Y テレビ on the vaporwave sub reddit. I remember thinking "woah that's not even pink or cyan at all..... but it's fucking SICK!" and the next thing I knew 4 days had passed and we had released a full 10 track collab album. The craziest part is none of it felt like work or forced all of it was one and done.

To me it felt and still feels like something I HAVE to do ,my atavistic emotions have fully taken control since beginning this journey and I realized I need to be able to separate the two entities living within me.

that's where ATAVISTIC ETERNITY/ comes in. it is the physical embodiment of my atavistic personality the side of me who wants nothing more than to journey beyond our world into the e SCAPE. I hope atavistic can represent the ancestral instincts we all have in the journey to establish the subgenre V I N T A G E W A VE

V I N T A G E W A VE is a call back to "the good ol' days" of this wonderful genre/communities birth. The long days spent on online chat forums meeting like minded people and making/creating what at the time was something brand new. now it's been almost 10 full years since the dawn of vaporwave and it has been claimed "dead" for years. VINTAGEWAVE CALLS BULL. The popularity and original trends may have but there are 1,000s of creators who don't even know about each other. That is the point of VINTAGE WAVE it's a movement within a movement. a cult within a cult. vintagewave is all about going back to the roots of inspiration to create something new. the 80s pop and disco scene has inspired us to create 8.5 years worth of vapor but what inspired the coolness of the 80s. The older more groovy times of the 70s and 60s. THE VINTAGE DAYS.

Inside of the movement we have artists from all over the world and it's only in its infant stage. all of these creators are low profile with small audiences but they have the biggest of vibes. The very first collaborations between the movement and its members has already begun. we intend on doing full length albums with samples spanning multiple genres and decades with most projects getting full feature length visuals as well. The vintage wave sound isn't that much different from vaporwave except in little nuances and subtleties that you'll just have to listen for to figure out!

vintage wave imagery however is much different from vaporwave in that there isn't as much emphasis on vibrancy in colors but more so in class and luxury/minimalist. simple but tasteful if you will. think martinis under a pale moon dressed in tweed in early san francisco. (that's my whole vibe ) Take out all glossy loud colors and return to the faded smooooth visuals of the days before.
*when you get nostalgic over vaporwave*
macplus420: uploaded 8 years ago
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