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The CCP, NWO Deep State, and Underground Human Trafficking

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In most of information I have seen here about the global deep state and the historical development of the NWO do not include much information about historical China. So how is China linked to the NWO and was there any connection between the global elite and Chinese 'deep state' before the Communist takeover, and how was imperial China connected to it if at all? Or did China develop its own 'deep state' separate from the developments in Europe, the Levant, and America?

The thing about China is that, for how big they are, their history is extremely skewed and heavily censored. You see multitudinous claims that of their historical discoveries, dinosaurs, gigantopithicus, Pyramids, and so on. Many are decried as fake (especially by yours truly on the dino front).

Western scientists, well, anyone who isn't sanctioned by their corrupt-as-fuck government, aren't allowed access. We only know what they want us to know.

Then you consider the imagery they use (serpentine dragon imagery), and are now aware that you've heard the term "Dragon family" before. There have been claims that this family possesses an obscene amount of gold that will be used in toppling the cabal's death grip on humanity. To prevent their version of the NWO.

>just look at this fucking pic related (Xinjiang pyramid)
>really nice landscaping, right?
>wtf are they hiding?
Most of what I know is hearsay. As it stands, it's a "conspiracy theory". So take what I say with a grain of salt. The general consensus is that the Dragon Family is Chinese because they're one of the only civilizations to put that imagery on such a pillar nowadays.
However, the only video on YouTube I found about it has a picture of a Japanese dragon, not a Chinese one. You can tell because traditionally Chinese dragons have 5 toes, whereas the pic only had 3 toes.

Anyway, I have a theory in the works that the dragon family could actually be the davidic bloodline, but I don't wanna get into it because this is about China and their evil hidden hand.

How would such a family survive the various dynastic changes or the revolutions of 19th and 20th centuries?
The way I heard it described was:
>all the gold in use by the world market today could fill one Olympic sized swimming pool
>the DF have thirteen pools worth, but it is not in circulation

Which would mean there is a fuck ton more gold than we have been led to believe in the world. It carries several implications. Either way, if it's true, money is powerful in itself without even scratching the esoteric surface of why gold is actually important.

So here's these things. I haven't gone into translating what they say but they are models of a kind of bread that was eaten by the Pharoahs. The idea behind this bread was that the flour was cut with a powder.
This powder was obtained by taking gold, cooking it a very, VERY specific and mysterious (also as yet undiscovered) way. Once the process was complete, you would be left with a white stone that "weighs more as a powder than it does as a solid."

>this is pretty much the description of the fabled philosopher's stone, will find sources for that if necessary but they're out there

So this stone is crushed and added to the flour for the bread. After consuming the bread, there were other rituals that went down, lots involving sex. People today have deduced that this substance should be called "monatomic gold", and is sold as such, typically under the name "Ormus".

The reason the Pharoahs consumed it was because it was a powerful tool in strengthening the soul, to better fight against the "second death" after they were mummified and entombed. People nowadays drink Ormus and try to get ECG readouts to see if there are effects. Some have success, some don't, but I presume it's mostly because they are missing steps or have faulty product.

I think it's very likely, if they have that much wompum, they can fund who knows what kind of studies and projects. Reminds me of the list of Sumerian kings that lived and ruled outrageously long periods of time.

And I can't stress enough, they absolutely keep so much of their history secret. I even heard the current great wall isn't the first, and the predecessors were much bigger. I should find a source for that too...

>what is cannibalism and why is it a Old World Oder thing?
>what is 'getting shanghai'd" and what does it mean?
there are dozens of reasons to traffic in humans. they are infinitely more profitable than trafficking in any other thing, even gold or nuclear materials. it has always existed, and as long as people don't eternally prosecute that evil it will continue to exist. it's a battle that never ends. every generation will have people who rise to power and figure out that they can do it, or that it might be possible and might work, and then makes it happen.
>devil convincing you it doesn't exist
maybe each group doesnt' touch down with a millenia old insitution that may or may not exist that controls all of civilization, but the idea that each institution doing this is not trying to get to that point is laughable.

Each illuminati group is trying to get itself beyond the cycles of cataclysm. the next extinction event, they want to retain all their science and knowledge and use it to rule over you. the fact that this is their motivation should tell you that you need to treat it as an ongoing conspiracy, because that's what it intends to be.

is the illuminati that orchestrated the great recession and world war 1 the same faction that orchestrates all of our bullshit today 100 years later in 2020? it wants to be that permanent, and that's all you need to know.

>human trafficking has always existed
Modern China's organ trade is more less common knowledge by now, but i always thought that was for just monetary gain, is there anything esoteric to it or something that connects with other parts of the NWO?

So you think that the Chinese are competing with other parts of the NWO rather than cooperating or even being connected to them?


That's how the whole illuminati works. it's a King of The Hill on a mountain of mud. if the pinnacle looks weak then other will make a move. That's how most criminal syndicates work, except for ones with religious commandments which is where satanism and other institutions succeed. For instance, without the corruption of the catholic church, judaism and satanism, without the FBI taking out the mafia at a critical point, the Ndrangheta could never rise to power. The pinnacle always pretends to be thousands of years old, and claims to know the true history of man.

Another thing that people don't think about is Where this opponent is. Communists talk about taking the money from them as if it's sitting around in bank accounts. Really the money is in play, it's everywhere and in everything. The same with the agents. They are everywhere, and in everything, including the earth. You think you could get a team together and assault some castle, take out a lord and get some gold and rescue some kids.

That won't work, because they are underground. like you said about china's organ trade, more or less common knowledge. So are the bunkers for the elites, but this is young money. The real elite use ancient catacombs and natural cave systems that have existed for thousands of years. there are tunnels underneath each city, and this is where the enemy really is.

You would have to map the tunnels, invade them, cut them off, clear them piece by piece, and then reinforce them and hold them.

That would be a huge effort, the population of subterranean populations is 100 million. 30 million are slaves. The memes about inner earth are funny, it's real but not a donut shape. it's caves. hell is real too. The megacity down there is a problem, over 28 batallions have been trained to fight underground but it may not be enough. a lot of commanders think they will not see that kind of combat, but they will. they are going down there, this is going to take years.

It's a race to the finish on all fronts. There also may well be esoteric reasons behind the abduction/trafficking of organs and bodies. Why else would the Pharoahs have had their important bits buried seperately from their bodies (more or less)?

The new ruling faction would want nothing more than to take the previous rulers' heart and other organs and use them in rituals, eat them, or otherwise defile them. esoteric magic possible, cannibalism, whatever. they did it to protect from their own. a graveyeard represents that we don't defile our own people, a civilization without one was built to be farmed (egypt). proper burial takes on huge religious significance because of this, it's almost backwards to the norm. it prevents your opponents from cursing the body, our one body, casting spells with it, consuming it et cetera.

however the beer angle is not well known about. haven't you noticed that beer brewers have royal seals on their work? the seal also say things like, established in 1800 whatever. well if you have a population to feed, why would you bake so much bread? bread goes bad. if you brew beer, it will last much longer. ale is like liquid bread if you brew it correctly, it can be very heavy and full of carbs. you can sort of feed people like that, and keep them sorta drunk and malleable.

So each royal family will brew beer for their people, to keep them fed and drunk and stupid. But who is the crest for, if the beer is for the pleb? the crest is for the royal.

An elite abroad today knows just where to buy his pizza, and where not to buy it. You don't want mystery meat pizza, or maybe you do. you won't know what is in each person or in each city state's beer without seeing the royal crest on it. when an elite walks into a bar and sees a certain crest, he knows the cattle in the bar belong to a certain family, and that the beer they drink was made just for them, to make them more consumeable during human trafficking. you wouldn't want to drink a certain faction's beer if you knew who made it and how they like to do business.

The acorn that the reclaimer bears, the mystic fucking pinecone you all can't decipher, is hops. the secret of taking a fledgling agricultural society and turning it's bread into beer and it's free people into your personal cattle. The other thing about the royal crest on the beer is understanding where those people will go if they are shandhai'd through a trap door in a bar. they serve a certain beer with a certain crest, so you can see what family is taking the people who disappear, so you will know who is boss as you travel around. It's out in the open, just their style.

I would also like to add that there are several types of tunnels, not just trapdoors in bars and saloons that take people. there are natural cave systems, there are border tunnels, there are underground military bases, there are vacuum sealed hypertransport tunnels, there are underground scientific institutes, there are historical architectural catacombs like seattle or almost all of europe and asia, there are subway and train tunnels, there are secret society tunnels, there are underground railroad tunnels.

Every faction occupied tunnels at some point, and or cut new ones. as various allied forces engage with tunnels snakes under the guise of counter narcotics operations and counter 'human trafficking' ops, eventually the batallions will be exposed to things they were not supposed to see.

Children and rumors of children that are happening right now are one thing. but there are allegedly other facilities. it's entirely possible that a breach team makes it into a biolab and catches a disease, then they have to seal the tunnel. they could also find monsters, and i don't mean zombies in the sense of resident evil, but monsters in the sense of resident evil. genetically engineered animals. it will be almost impossible to contain certain things, and the deaths in these tunnels will be catastrophic. it will take decades to clear them all and map them and disclose them. i'd almost rather fill them all up with concrete, but a lot of the deepest tunnels are over 12,000 years old. there is more to gain, from the government's perspective, to turn Hell into an archeological dig. So be it.

You are sharing conspiracies of a 5th age, filled with magic and monsters, wondering when and where they will come from. they were under your feet the whole time. You thought being a paladin or a warrior of light would mean confronting people, face to face, and it does mean that. it also means climbing into something the size of an air duct to literally fight demons in the dark.

The human horrors are bad enough. the scene in the movie The Road, where they find the people being kept alive in the basement for food, that's what some of these tunnels are like. there may have been a large gallery with a large entrance and a complex network, but it was sealed off except for an air tunnel that's 1000 feet long and only 10inches by ten inches. the marines had to climb through natural caves for 6 hours just to find that 10 inch portal. so they get a small drone and send it down there, and when it pops out the other side it's a room and people are screaming and roaring, but the drone has no visual.

The thing is, the people wouldn't be screaming unless the drone went down there. they could have been down there for years, surviving on their own exrement, chewing their own arms off, babbling to each other.

There are even babies conceived and ... born in these conditions. they even grow up and turn into little monsters.

Thermals reveal what is really going on, there are no windows, no doors, no lights, no tables, no furniture, just bodies, crawling and writhing on top of each other like snakes in a pit.

"rescue" is a strong word. in The Road, when they opened the door the people tried to fucking eat him and pull him in just as much as they tried to escape. the sight of them, their skin, their eyes, their deformities, scars a person for life.

There are 32 million like that down there, if you believe the 28 batallions that are running ops down there. they actually set off detonations that mimic earthquakes. the shock waves makes very unique incidental harmonics because of the long and straight modern machine cut tunnels. on a seismograph, it's unlike any other curve you've ever seen. even an earthquake wobbles back and forth, and it dissipates. tunnel shockwaves roll in one smooth motion from one end to the other, which is how you find them.

You would think that they could use thermal or ground penetrating radar or even xray or something, satellites, to find the tunnels and the people down there. however with the other billions of us on the surface driving around, working and living, you can't discern what is on the terrain and what is subterranean. you would have to stop the whole world and tell them to go home in order to use machines to image the tunnels from outside. I honestly don't think that's what is happening here though.

Like i said, rescue is a strong word. these people won't have a language, they won't fundamentally understand anything and will be completely feral. you can't put them on tv, they don't understand.

You would think that missing children who remember what it was like to take the pledge of allegiance is like would remember Home, but those kids are taken for programs that end in death. Most are sacrificed, others cut apart and sent out to organ trafficking, some kept for breeding programs or genetic modification. it's too much of a liability to take a viable critical thinking surface dweller and put them in these systems, they might find a way out or lead the others. not there is anywhere to go, in the case of the 10" chute.

When the faction that put them there lost power, they probably sealed it up just to torture them some more, and who knows how long they have really been down there. even after blasting towards it, the experience of reaching the gallery is only more and more frightening for the marines. the closer they get to the gallery, the louder their absolutely chilling screams and noises become. As you get to the last 20 feet of the chute, all you can see is arms reaching into it, clawing at each other, peeling at skin and biting, all you see is teeth and disfigured hellish faces.

The marines don't want to breach to completion, the horde in the gallery will attack and try to .. eat them or something? as you watch the portal through a spotlight you can smell them.

The instinct to take your weapon system to condition zero is unlike anything you will ever experience in your life. just witnessing the teaming mass of ... not human causes shock in hardened veterans and causes foxhole conversions in the psych champlain who now openly prays to god, murmuring not under his breath but out loud.

You can't experience these things. fighting this level of evil, and the opponent isn't even there to take the blows, it really destroys you. these things, these things stop you from sleeping at night. knowing what really happens to the 800,000 missing children in the united states every year. knowing that it happens right below your feet, and you try to drown your sorrows but the sigil on budweiser is the same sigil on the tunnels that give you the worst nightmares, the ones you have while you are still awake.

Let me make one thing clear, if you are a warrior of light then it was your destiny to descend into these cramped tunnels like master chief in some american power armor and eviscerate whatever lies in front of you. don't you find it odd that in fantasy settings for hellscapes, a paladin or other righteous character Fress lost souls or saves them, in hell, by Vanquishing them? you kill them, that's how you rescue them. you can't bring them out, they bit you, they roar, they drool, they growl. they are animals. they hiss and bare their teeth, the fling excrement at you. even if you put them in a cage you can't reform them.

The stuff you see in mental institutions is nothing compared to what happens underground, and the allied forces did not expect these levels of horrors. when the enemy says, think of the children, tounge in cheek that's a cold scare to the warriors of light, because you can't not think about them. the walking nightmares.

Set a few free and you've got a real skinwalker. that's where the monsters come from. that's why you have an instinctive fear of long, skinny, deformed, malnourished, naked, white fanged freaks.

So the question of China's relationship to the NWO, and how old and deep that relationship really is, is answered with cannibalism.

The chinese have been subjugated for so long that cannibalism is mainstream. they regularly consume humans, especially babies and urine. there are periods of chinas history where the archival material is missing, for hundreds of years. we have no idea who farmed them or why and for how long.

But we do know that it happened for so long that if you 'disclosed' the cannibalistic child rape tunnels beneath the forbidden city that date all the way to before persia, the chinese people will laugh about it, and cook another fetus.

That's how deep they are with the old world order, that you can't tell the difference between the satanists, the jews, the nwo, the illuminati, the deepstate, the chinese, you can't tell any of them apart at the level china exists on.

Hell is a real place, and you can go down there and fight the demons. that's the real red pill of human civilization.China is the eternal reservoir of this evil. even when the europeans in germany were equivalent to cavemen and were scared shitless of romans, and neither of them knew about the americas, china had full access to transconintental human trafficking networks. their world never underwent the last cataclysm, that's how old china's relationship with this entity really is. the last catclysm covered the american structures in mud, and the flood waters carved out the grand canyon. in egypt those same floodwaters ripped the casing stones off the pyramids.

China was barely hit. their operation didn't stop at all. they had access to the atlantic network the whole time. that's how deep the relationship is. that's all you really need to know. you can't fight that ultimate and ancient evil without getting to china in the end, just like you can't breach tunnels in the middle east without getting to Hamas at the dead end.
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Delightful to find another rabbithole to jump down, thank you. Albeit I have dipped my toes into this one but that was shortly after this showed up on /x/ and little info could be found. that being said I think I was searching with the wrong search engine.


Absolutely immaculate, friend. I remember getting into conspiracies because I saw a documentary as a kid about corrupt charities. It led me down such a rabbit hole, I was not prepared. Amazing the things you can find if you see a loose thread and tug on it until the whole tapestry unravels.


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Horrifying... I guess the best we can do is give them rest. I was British Army for 12 years and never got a sniff any of this was happening. I know the lads would of been all hands on deck to help with the clearance rather than doing bullshit Middle East tours. Criminal really.
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