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The Disappearance of Bludhoney Records


This a great video about Bludhoney Records by Sed. Here is what is on the description of the video.
When it comes to labels defining sounds in particular genre, they're arguably just as important as the artists themselves. Almost every innovative artist has a strong label behind it. Labels like Aftermath Records, The Elephant 6, XL Recordings.

All of which contributed a fresh take to their genre with the artists they would pick up and the sound they would define. And this is no different in Vaporwave or Dreampunk. With labels popping in and out all the time bringing innovative styles and artists to the forefront. Though a lot of the time when these labels pop up, they usually keep on chugging until their audience simply loses interest or just continue on, having a dedicated fanbase to this day that is always ready for the next release.

Though in Dreampunk there was a label that seemingly had the world in its hands. A label which not only released great labels, but also was hugely influential in its distribution and packaging of physical releases.

Then when they had everything they could ever want, they just stopped. No word. Nothing, at all
And here is the video!
View: https://youtu.be/tPTK6HQSb_c
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