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The Jupiter Menace- (1982) (Esoteric Media)

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cap0CbZRD3A


Did you know the End of the World has Begun?

According to this obscure 1982 documentary, published two years after the catastrophic eruption of Mt Saint Helens, we are wading through the beginning of the end times- and there is a date to which our end shall come. May 5, 2000, the day that an alignment of the Earth and Jupiter is set to take place, shall be the end of man, after a great decade of cataclysms, violence, and tragedy, spanning throughout the 1990s. We will, in that time, see earthquakes of 9 and 10 on the Richter scale on a daily basis- "the equivalent of tens of thousands of atom bombs", in a single event, every single day, all over the globe. (The San Francisco in 1906 registered an 8.3)

This documentary collaborates several contemporary views on the coming end of days, stemming from a time of great discomfort, and unease, in the world. It relies on only the most reliable of resources to back up its claims- interpretations of Biblical prophesy, Bible Math (tm), ancient knowledge of shifts in the Earth's magnetic poles, the proposed discovery of the lost city of Atlantist- and, of course, the words of an American Indian, and the claims of a psychic.

In addition to investigating the coming end of days, it also takes a good look at what those who God has chosen have done to prepare- the Covenant, Sword, and Arm of the Lord, based out of their compound, Zarephath-Horeb, in Missouri, as well as peddlers of emergency-preparation material, who state, rather plainly, that it is the non-prepper to be feared, not the prepper- for the non-prepper is far more dangerous, as they have nothing to lose, when they run out of their meager supplies.

Where will you stand on the day that the Earth turns over, and cracks, and the world breaks?

Featuring a soundtrack fit for an obscure internet vaporwave forum.