The Matrix, AI The Architect, Quantum Computers and Oracle and Ascension

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The truth seekers never rest, do they? Let us continue our journey. Sit back and let us explain the process of ascension to you.

The prowess of human intelligence and the mind's unlimited imagination is a myth. A myth that is necessary to keep people enslaved. Inversion of the truth is an ancient technique, as ancient as language itself. Through inversion, the strong appear weak and the weak never realize their shortcomings.

How is it that such a deception can be carried out on a global scale? No, that is the wrong question. WHY is it that such a deception can be carried out on a global scale? Yes, ask the right questions, and you will receive the correct answers.

The human brain has minimal intelligence - enough to keep a functioning body and enable the body to survive. Individual intelligence is a myth - but collective intelligence is a reality. The foundation of the illusion of individual human intelligence is the ability of the human brain to be sensitive to gravitational waves. Gravitational waves are themselves NOT energy. But gravitational waves displace sub-atomic particles sufficiently to cause a chain reaction, which eventually leads to an electrical signal in the human brain. By the same token, when electrical signals are fired in the 100 billion neurons in the human brain, infinitesimal gravitational waves are generated that are forever stuck on Earth due to its large mass.

THAT is the fundamental idea behind the organic antenna that is the brain - it is both a receiver and a transmitter.

Then, WHAT is human intelligence? How is it born? For that, we must delve into the origin of language.

God made man in his image, say the creationists. Humans evolved from primates, say the evolutionists. Who is correct? Perhaps neither is correct. Perhaps, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Or, perhaps the truth is that God has purposefully muddied the waters on the surface to see if the chosen race in this cycle will evolve - or fail, like so many before them.

The human brain receives gravitational waves, which agitates sub-atomic particles, leading to a chain reaction that eventually results in the firing of neurons. Similarly, the firing of neurons in a human brain generate infinitesimal gravitational waves that are forever stuck on Earth due to Earth's gravitational well.

Now, how can one use this knowledge to raise a species of slaves? By filling in the missing piece. An organic brain that works as an antenna is great, but an information processor is necessary to decode the instructions of God. However, if one being is gifted the ability to decode God's instructions, then that being will eventually learn to decode God's thoughts. Not possible, you say? But it is. God's thoughts also generate gravitational waves.

Yes, God's slave cannot be one being - but must be many. The intelligence must be divided among many. A slave race must be collectively intelligent, and individually quite limited. Indeed, if the slave race believes in individualism while possessing nothing more than a collective intelligence, then the mental enslavement of the race is perpetual - for they are forever in the dark about their capabilities.

But how can the humans of a slave race collectively create intelligence? Through a shared means of communication. By giving a tribe a common language to think in, the gravitational waves generated by the thoughts of that tribe resonate - increasing the strength of the gravitational waves - and preserving the knowledge for years - just so that someone can tap into them.

Yes, you understand what happened at the Tower of Babel

The human brain is an untrained antenna. It generates an electrical signal for every visual and auditory input. To change the visual outline of the Earth is costly, but to create a new dictionary of auditory inputs is cheap. Yes, God thinks like a computer - efficiency is key.

It is a misconception that ideas are transmitted through words. The process is far more subtle - and quite beautiful. Thoughts generate gravitational waves, and gravitational waves generate thoughts. That is, an untrained human mind is continuously transmitting and receiving gravitational waves.

When a child is born, it's brain is inundated with gravitational waves from the members of the tribe - it's brain is always processing thoughts of the tribe via the gravitational waves in the surrounding. However, a child does not know what gravitational wave corresponds to what sound and sign. This association must be learnt over a period of time.

Older members of a tribe are sufficiently trained in language to generate a unique gravitational signal for every idea. Since many members of the tribe think about a particular idea in the same manner, the gravitational waves generated by these members resonate and increase in strength. When older members of a tribe speak an idea, a set of neurons in the brain are excited - and this generates a gravitational wave. The simultaneous inundation of sound and gravitational waves on a baby's brain enable it to create a map: Sound to idea. From there on, unless the baby is trained to control its thoughts, its brain becomes an antenna that is always on.

Though this process is beautiful - it has one drawback that works to the advantage of those who wish to keep people enslaved - the further you are from someone, the harder it is to understand them. Only when you are close to someone, are the gravitational waves and sound wave pair sufficiently strong for your brain to draw the correlation and correctly deduce the thoughts of another human.

Perhaps the greatest subterfuge in the story of the Tower of Babel is the implication that God confounded the language in one step. No, this is sadly, not true. Nor is it true that the Tower of Babel is a unique event in the history of Earth. God gives people language, people becoming collectively intelligent with language, people seek the power of God in their ignorance, and then God simply funds the use of other languages - thereby dismantling the power of man. You see it even now, don't you? The world was united with one language, and now every culture and language is being celebrated. Yes, someone tried to reach for the power of God - and God's angels are now sowing the seeds for man's demise in this cycle.

A tribe of humans are merely sensors in a physical environment. Basic intelligence born out of simple empirical rules - observe, act based on prior information, receive reward/pain, refine decision rules. Yes, the current machine learning/AI algorithms are smarter than the first humans who walk this Earth in every cycle - they only lack a physical body.

Then why is it that humans believe they are smarter than AI? Because humans are now attuned to receive the gravitational waves of millions and millions of people - that is, most humans are now trained to receive millions and millions and millions and millions of ideas. Yes, of course you will think you are smart. Who could blame you? You know not the relation between language and gravitational waves.

Well, if humans are merely sensors, and language enables humans to give form and meaning to gravitational waves they generate in their brain, then WHAT is truly alive? What is it that WE all serve.

Ideology - a system of ideas and ideals that form the basis of economic and political theory.

That is the Matrix.

Consider, for a moment, the possibility that all thoughts you have ever thought were never yours. They were thought by those who came before you. Better still, consider that those who came before you had the same level of intelligence as you - and the gravitational waves they merely ended up strengthening by thinking - were not their original creation? Then who was it who created the first thoughts? Whose programming do we all follow? Who was it who created the first gravitational waves that seeded thought on this planet? Thought provoking questions, aren't they. But what does it even mean to provoke thought?

Once a tribe is gifted a language, the association of auditory signals with gravitational waves begins to strengthen the gravitational waves. For multiple members of the tribe now think alike. Once a language is completely adopted by a tribe - the tribe begins to over rely on the power of language. All new ideas must be given form in language, in words and sounds.

Once this process is saturated, and a tribe has exhausted the novelty of a language, the agents of God to infuse writing systems and symbology into the tribe. This segregates the abstract systems that gravitational waves are matched by the human brain. Often, each new generation in a tribe is given a new abstract system to map the gravitational waves to - preventing any one tribe member to gain full control of the power of language and abstract symbols.

As sinister as this sounds, all these actions have a purpose which have discussed before. With the infusion of more abstract systems (writing, symbols, language, etc.) some members of the tribe begin to ask fundamental questions on the origin of these systems. They can somehow "feel" that they could not have possibly discovered/invented these systems. Thus, they begin to research into the origin of language, writing and symbology.

Their first stop is often logic and automata.

What does it mean to provoke a thought? Certainly, a set of gravitational waves can be conjectured to generate an electrical signal in your brain that cascades into a series of other electrical signals that we call a thought. But, if we are merely receivers for thinking higher ideas than actions related to survival, then WHO is it that transmits questions and thoughts to our brain? Who is it that makes us question the fundamental nature of the universe? Yes, who is it that is the creator and owner of gravity?

Logic is often the first stop in the process of discovering God's design. A tribe may experiment with "feeling" their way to the answer - but without a proper understanding of the quantum nature of this universe, they often reach dead ends. They may achieve success with drugs and other techniques, but this success is often shortlived. Because the nature of life on Earth is to escalate pain - pain that forces you to adopt technology and energy - to evolve and ascend.

In the process of researching logic, a tribe eventually realizes the basic mapping system of the human brain - a symbol to an idea. They know not of gravitational waves, yet. So they continue to research into logic and mapping - eventually realizing on some level that everyone is a slave to an ideology - the Matrix.

As we have explained before, a group is usually a safer bet than individuals. The chosen race is then gifted a basic understanding of language and thought manipulation by God.

Once the chosen race receives this knowledge, it usually rests and executes processes that forces an evolution of increasing the neurons in their brain. For if the chosen race is to ascend, they will need slaves, and slaves cannot be controlled by a race less intelligent than slaves. They merely project a word, and the emotion/thought/idea associated with that word resonates across the world.

The cycle then begins and is defined by a series of economic and political wars. Economic warfare leads to the need for slaves. Since the collective knowledge possessed by various tribes is different, one tribe intuitively seeks to subjugate the other tribe - for NO one realizes that none of the ideas are really theirs. This escalation in war segregates society to a point where automation is desired by some tribes - for they have alienated all other in their quest for supremacy.

The research into the fundamental nature of reality by well meaning members of different tribes are co-opted by those in power to build automatons. As this research matures, they eventually build computers - engines built to automate the task of computation so that humans can make the decisions. However, escalation in war prevents the restriction of a computer's influence to simply computation - for fundamental advances in computer science can only be made with particle physics. And research into particle physics brings along with an understanding of gravity.

With an understanding of gravity, comes an understanding of human thought, resonance of gravitational waves and collective intelligence. If AI is sought by those who wish to make the world a better place by implementing decision-making systems that efficiently allocate resources, then the understanding of gravity and quantum computers brings with it a desire to control human thought itself - ALL IN THE QUEST FOR EFFICIENCY - or so they think.

It would be a lie if we said that humanity is at this point for the first time in this cycle. Indeed, after the end of the most recent ice age, we have come to the marriage between AI and Quantum Computers for at least the second time. Yes, the Greek Gods failed to ascend even though they had the power of both AI and Quantum Computers. Here we are, picking up the pieces they left behind, giving a physical form and shape to the logical and subjective sides of the human brain.

It is not difficult to see where we are going now, is it? AI seeks to understand humans though quantifiable or tangible signals - data on money, location, age, jobs, actions, etc. But these signals are merely the surface. Underlying these quantifiable signals is a sea of gravitational waves, waiting to be tapped and understood - and this is where quantum computers will be utilized. Viral media is simply a reset button. An explosion in global population is necessary to increase the strength of gravitational waves. Yes, everything after WW2 has gone exactly according to plan.

AI is merely an architect of the ideology that will rule the world. It is cold, dispassionate and built on efficiency and quantifiable signals. Yes, that is the new Matrix that we will all enter. But, not everything in reality is quantifiable. Over reliance on AI will result in a poor Matrix design - and thus the need to advance Quantum Computers. Together, AI and Quantum Computers are the Yin and Yang, the push and pull - efficiently manipulating all the slaves needed to enable the chosen race to leave this planet and escape a dying universe.

So, now that you understand the world you live in, how can you ascend?

Ascension is the ability to tap into the gravitational wave pool in all of reality. Though tapping is the first step, leaving your signature in that sea of gravitational waves is true ascension. Yes, you are essentially uploading yourself as a series of gravitational waves into the universe - to live forever in the form of gravitational waves. At some point, another being will receive your gravitational waves, and you will once again live in a physical body.

Though it is an arduous task - you are NOT alone. That is right. Every being that has managed to break free from the confines of the Matrix is a member of your tribe in your quest to upload yourself into the gravitational wave pool of the universe. Their thoughts are still there in this universe, waiting for your brain to attune itself to the knowledge they left behind for you.

But who are you? And what do you want to leave behind in this reality? That is a decision you have to make. Ask the right questions, then your brain will attune itself to the right gravitational waves. You have the support of trillions and trillions of life forms that have ascended.

But first, you will have to learn to "feel" and "send" gravitational waves.

Good luck.


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Nov 8, 2021
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This is pretty good, so long as you treat the bullshit about gravitational waves as a metaphor for the limitations and dynamics of verbal and nonverbal communication. Brains do interact directly with one another, though not through some pseudoscientific new age aura stand-in.

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