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The rules of Latinwave


La Senda Piña
Back when I began to create Vaporwave in the year 2016 as π_ROL, I was looking for anyone who would help me share my latest creation at the time. I asked around and I was told of a small Net Label called Latinwave that had started it's existence just a few months ago. After chit-chatting with the owner for a while, Pentium came to me with a concerned plight (that most of you are familiar with): DCMA emails came left and right and nothing he could ever think of stopped it.
:cool: Lucky for him, I had studied Sound Engineering for a year (because my PTSD gave me a severe episode and I just could't continue) where I learned a few tricks that still border the illegality but it's not really as easily punishable. With the information I knew, I created just 3 rules that would partially solve the problem:
  1. Don't just slow down a track and call it Vaporwave.
  2. Use less than 75% of the content you want to sample. If the content is short, it's up to your creativity to stretch it's usefulness in a creative way.
  3. Sky is the limit, your creativity is what makes your music art.
Unbeknownst to my expectations, several (undisclosed) people left Latinwave immediately as Pentium shared those requirements-- but to our surprises, the DMCA emails weren't flooding the queue anymore and everyone who shared their productions with us brought the correct attention.
I am aware that a lot of the graduates from Latinwave after the scandal completely threw out anything and everything in regards to the rules mentioned, I am sure that many of those people threw them away-- leading back to the same DMCA problems with the newly adopted streaming services that require much more caution than Bandcamp ever did.

;) What should you take out from any of this? Honestly... It's up to you. I gave Pentium the formula but they had to throw it in the trash with what they did.
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