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The world is changing. Radically. And I don't know where it's going to end.

Apr 6, 2023
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There's no telling the implications of such an event, the vast famines, Lootings, murders, etc. it would be an apocalypse (especially in 1st world countries like the US, UK, etc). It's inevitable, and more importantly unavoidable, and it baffles me that no one seems to care or worry about it.
I disagree. Nazi Germany bombed British cities expecting exactly this would happen, and the english only grew closer, became more caring to each other. Then they tried the exact same thing on Nazi Germany, effecting much material damage, but resulting in the same thing. A more recent example would be the Russian invasion, they expected Ukrainian society to collapse within a few days, and look at them now, they have just become tough. As much as I hate this meme, bad times force people to become good men. Of course there are preferable ways, but if your life is on the line you are forced to set aside the bullshit you normally worry about. So I doubt any country that isn't already or far on it's way to becoming such a shithole, would become one in the way you describe. Although of course a Carrington Event is a whole different beast than any conventional war. Either way I still have faith in the individual. The fucked up thing about humanity, is that everyone, no matter at what level, does what they believe to be "the right thing". It's in the individual's definition of "right" where the problem starts.
It's already possible for that to happen. You live in a subscription-based home (rent), using a subscription for necessities, and then go to work in the coffee shop in the subscription car service, and then pop open the subscription laptop (which you can never pay off because you HAVE to upgrade it because of planned obsolescence), connect to the subscription internet, and get a drink using your Coffe Shop Card (subscription). Then you go back home, and slump on your subscription couch, and go watch some streaming TV on your subscription TV, while scrolling on your subscription phone, connected to your subscription cellular network, looking at the news on your subscription news provider. Then you go to bed on your subscription bed.
If private property isn't an illusion already. Max Stirner already said in the 1840s, (I know, meme philosopher, don't worry I don't agree with him on everything) that the only thing which can truly be called your property, is that which you can defend from others. Meaning that if, say, the government or any organization, has the means, even theoretically, to take your belongings without you being able to resist, your house, etc. then they aren't really your belongings. Would you say, that a mouse trapped in a cage with a cat was free, just because the cat hadn't decided to kill it yet?
I know this sounds bleak and I am not sure if I fully agree with it myself, but I thought it was worth adding.


Jun 18, 2023
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that the only thing which can truly be called your property, is that which you can defend from others
I mean, by that logic, nothing at all is your property, unless you are the strongest person on Earth, and if more than one person have guns, then nobody owns any property.
Or you have to make that thing, to be yours
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Internet Refugee
Jun 27, 2023
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the future will definitely be difficult. i suggest learning essential life skills that will make you a valuable member of society post-collapse. i believe that an overall slow degradation of living standards punctuated with sudden collapses on a local level is more likely than rapid collapse, so that will give you time to learn said skills. that said, i can be wrong.

i suggest learning three or more of the following skills: gardening/farming, food preservation, hunting, basic carpentry, masonry, and plumbing, weaving and clothmaking, soapmaking, water distillation, welding/metalworking, botany, medicine (conventional and traditional), shoemaking, navigation, animal husbandry, fishing, gunsmithing, to name a few.

i think you can do all of these as hobbies on the side while working a day job. remember to save money, it will probably become worthless at some point but you can convert it to something more useful before that point (land for example). if you have certain medical conditions that can be treated with surgery, money can help with that as well.

i also suggest staying healthy and peak physical performance via nutrition and exercise.

make connections and build communities offline. get to know your neighbors. reconnect with relatives.

it also helps to live sustainable lifestyles that have minimal environmental impact. i know we are now in damage control, but the steps we take today, even if they are too late, might prevent the world from getting even worse than it's already set to be, god willing. you don't need to give up meat, but it helps to cut down on it a little. try not to buy things just for the sake of buying them, walk when you can instead of driving, etc.

there's a lot more i can talk about. i know how easy it is to become dismayed and despondent after realizing how screwed we really are, but we can't just sit arounf moping about it forever. we need to take action, no matter how small. we need to do our part. even if it doesn't change much in the grand scheme of things, we can rest easy knowing we did what we could.

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