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This album is more Vaporwave than you think! Classic Project 2000 by Team Mekano

Last year I had a very revealing LSD trip that not only stabilized my mental health and gave me understanding about myself, it gave me the sickest album I have ever heard in my life. I have mentioned before that being born a Puertorrican of late Millennial origins is something that heavily influences the content I have created over the past few years. Not many in the community resonated with the fact I have spilled about nostalgia being relative, this specific production completely encompasses that which I have been trying to explain to no avail in many forum discussions and I hope you would be kind to give it a listen.
As Vaporwave moves on with the times its BEEN only a matter of time until the y2k influences took a hold of the movement even if it makes people upset [V2k]. The artist group, Team Mekano, has not tagged this as a Vaporwave album... I refuse to not call it one.
For me this is a production that grabbed many iconic and unthought-of things from my childhood in order to create a production that despite it's horrific compression, harks back to a time where the world was forbidden to me and only the media surrounding me could fill the blank caused by the abuse I endured in those tender years. I personally remember many of the things sampled in this album, but thanks to the life I had there was no way for me to know the names of these things which only now I have begun to actively search, if anything sounds familiar please comment it below.
If you wish to take a journey which expresses the Zillenial experience in Latin America, please give it a listen.
As always, when it comes to finding the best crap on Spotify, this album simply uses the cassette cover to represent how fucking lit it is. The album as a whole consists of .3gp style compression of the early 00s phones to completely mimic a blown out speaker, listen to this at a moderate volume if you wish to keep your ears to old age.

Eric Outfield

Jul 8, 2022
Reaction score
I'm digging this. As you said, it has some turn of the millennium Latin America vibes, but it also reminds me to Machine Girl.
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