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Ursula's Cartridges - Escape to New York reissue on Sega edition


Cityman Productions vaporwave label
Ursula's Cartridges - Escape to New York is back for grabs, this time as a Sega edition and regular cassette. Limited to 20 hand numbered copies each. The Sega edition includes a cassette, Sega case with album cover art & an art booklet Sega manual. Notice that this is a pre-order item. Estimated shipping on February 1st. More details and pictures coming as soon as possible.

Sega edition: https://citymanprod.com/product/ursulas-cartridges-escape-to-new-york-sega-edition/

Regular cassette: https://citymanprod.com/product/pre-order-ursulas-cartridges-escape-to-new-york-cassette/