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Vaporwave Aesthetic Resources & Tutorials


Aug 11, 2021
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Hello everybody, I am back with another exciting question that I've deemed worthy to instead turn into a thread for all the fellow Agorians who shalt look but find no mustard seed upon their field.

I have used photo editors for quite some years now and have tried many a variation. Currently, I use Photoshop as my go-to, as I am most familiar with it, regardless of the version. I have not, though, ever really done much vaporwave photo work before. I am curious if there are any recommended resources or bits of information that fellow users can provide in regards to turning your nice photoshoot at a niche spot into a dreamy, aesthetic vaporwave album cover (or whatever piece of art you're going for).

Suggestions on tools? Media to add? Color palettes? What hits just right?

I'd like to know what people think and what people use when making their art or editing their photos on vaporwave projects! Let us stand upon the shoulders of giants!
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