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Vaporwave Album Review: Internet Explorer by h a z e

:7uP: This review was originally written on the main Agora Road website :7uP:

View: https://vill4in.bandcamp.com/album/internet-explorer

Hello everyone! Im back! Today we are going to look at Internet Explorer by h a z e which was originally released on August 4, 2019. This is a computer inspired vaporwave album that has heavy uses of computer sound effects and machinery. It has the momentum to be the soundtrack of a new cybernetic dawn of humanity in the internet age and if you know how my review style is, I very much like albums that you can interpret a story with. This is just my version.

Here is the artist's description of the album
"走向早期计算机时代的险恶怀旧氛围的旅程。整张专辑经过Telefunken M15 1/4"Reel to Reel机器,15 IPS。
A journey towards a sinister nostalgic vibe of the early computer era.
Entire album went through the Telefunken M15 1/4″ Reel to Reel machine at 15 IPS."

Now let's get to the review one song at a time

dial-up from Internet Explorer by h a z e (vaporwave)
dial -up is when we start the journey, a spotty telephone connection has just barely sent us through a journey to the World Wide Web. I can see us moving through the wires, the speed, and the sound takes us on a ride to new ventures and new heights. But as you hear the song you know that this is only the beginning, you are being prepared for what awaits you through the rest of the album.

c o n n e c t e d from Internet Explorer by h a z e (vaporwave)
c o n n e c t ed we will find that our ethernet cable is a little bit better this time. We hook up the modem and find ourselves in a bass smooth beat environment. This song has a chiller kickback feel to it, much like you are at the studio smoking a bowl with the crew or perhaps you are in a virtual AOL chat room chatting with your penpal in Italy or to that lone nigerian prince in Nigeria. But no matter, you are all connected in the virtual experience brought you by America Online...

I n t e r n e t E x p l o r e r from Internet Explorer by h a z e (vaporwave)
Man! You had so much fun the other day you wonder what other possibilities awaits in the World Wide Web! You load up that modem and get up on line. I n t e r n t E x p l o r e r is pretty similar to c o n n e c t ed it has the same vibe but it is more vibrant and alive than the previous song. Here you have discovered online shopping and you just browse and browse and browse...

FTP from Internet Explorer by h a z e (vaporwave)
The time has come my boi! File Transfer Protocol. You heard stories about viruses and scammers stealing your identity but you have been on the internet long enough to find your way to the Promised Land of warez and torrents. You will delve deep into the shadows and the dark corners of cyberspace but you are unarmed with antivirus so you go into the abyss alone. It's scary but you MUST take this journey because you know the awards that will await you in the end.

apps & warez from Internet Explorer by h a z e (vaporwave)
You made it! You got out without even a scratch to your hard drive. You have gained confidence now my friend. After FTP you are pro now and you even went back there and downloaded 5 more warez files yesterday alone! Nothing can stop you now, you are invincible we will see what's next to your internet exploring days. This song is another downtempo very bass heavy song. It also features what sounds like a Harp but electonicize?

upload from Internet Explorer by h a z e (vaporwave)
You are now a professional in the world of cyberspace, We have nearly come full circle and the mood and vibes from the first track have emerged into this one. You are nearly a full member of the World Wide Web community. You now understand what true beauty looks like, what it feels like, and what it sounds like. you are almost at the end......

flashback from Internet Explorer by h a z e (vaporwave)
Welp! This is it! It's official! You are now a part of the Internet Club. You are now at Agora Road's Macintosh Cafe and looking back at all the memories you have made through this journey. You are at the cafe lounge sipping a cup of coffee reminiscing about the fun times in those lively internet chatrooms and downloading those sketchy looking files. This is the end of my review. I hope you enjoyed it.

View: https://youtu.be/NFFwIq5oCE0


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