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Vaporwave Effects


Jan 31, 2021
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Hi everyone it's Ramen here, and I wanted to share some ideas on the effects of vaporwave on our minds, especially because I want to see if I'm actually learning something at my music conservatory.
Starting from the basics, music is part of our identity, whether we're talking about the traditional music of our country or the music that we prefer, it became an inalienable part of our identities and lives.

We all know the history of vaporwave, the "micro" genre born in the early 2010s, now, a huge phenomenon where so many independent record labels can work (and it makes me genuinely so happy).

So, one of the main feelings that vaporwave wants to create is nostalgia, especially the one towards an era that we will never be able to live in such as the 80s or the 90s, which is precisely named anemoia and is an actual and real thing.
The whole aesthetic around this incredible music genre is incredible too, we all know the typical greek busts, the neon colors, sometimes even the first edgy Bart Simpson's edits and the SIMPSONSWAVE.

But, how exactly can a music genre make us feel so nostalgic?
Well, it's both a visual and auditive game.
As I tried to make clear, vaporwave is strictly linked to its visual arts side and without it we wouldn't feel the same effect, then we need to remember that the Internet has helped romanticing certain things such as long car rides at night while listening to our favorite music (and honestly either vaporwave or Japanese jazz are perfect) and man do I love long car rides at night.

Since slow music such as Lo-Fi music and of course, vaporwave music, release serotonin, the happy hormone, it has calming effects and I can honestly feel it, apart from the fact that I really love the music so it's actually easier for me, it's also true, next time that you're able to listen to vaporwave I would love to know how you feel, pay much attention to the whole before-after thing and if you feel better of just like before you listened.

The music that we listen to is part of our identity and significantly influences how we see the world, how we cope with our problems and with daily life, and even how we take decisions, our fashion sense.
Let's take a look to heavy metal music big fans, they tend to dress like 80s metalheads and metal bands, that is another form of anemoia with the exception that heavy metal was actually born at the end of the 60s, and not during the early 2010s, but, you might hear many young metalheads say "wish I lived in the 80s" or "those were the good old times" or "THAT is good music from GOOD times", a little bit elitist but I was really like that when I was 14/15/16 years old.
I was living my full time anemoia journey.

Back to vaporwave, I really feel like, apart from making me feel relaxed, even listening to the sounds only makes you think about the 80s without looking at the graphics, I've tried it out on my parents and some other people and each one of them thought it was music genuinely from those times, so, vaporwave is very very much well done and even only the auditive part of it helps us live the almost-full nostalgia experience, nostalgia of those pixelated GameBoy video games that were much new for the era, nostalgia of those very cool objects that are now, sadly, unobtainable.


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