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Vaporwave Review: deals with a western oil conglomerate by Pizza Hotline

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Hey everyone! Today we are going to look at a very special album that I am actually collaborated with Pizza Hotline to make this album's cassette into a reality! The album is called "d e a l s w i t h a w e s t e r n o i l c o n g l o m e r a t e by Pizza Hotline" which was released July 20, 2018.

The tone and feel of this album introduces a lo-fi "officesoft aethic into the vaporwave community. d e a l s w i t h a w e s t e r n o i l c o n g l o m e r a t e shines a light into the the inner secrets of dealings with wealthy Oil tycoons of the 21st century. Pizza Hotline is well known to have a business class theme and it complements well with other artists through the "Around The Water Cooler Label". Here is the artist's description of the album to get you started.

Artist's Description
"Your brand new portable telephone lets out a muffled ring from within your leather Samsonite suitcase as you ascend to the 91st floor of the generic high rise you work in. Your almost certainly psychopathic boss is on the other end of the call demanding a summative report on last month's deals with a western oil conglomerate on his desk within 24 hours. Broken and bruised from your three day weekend of post-adolescent debauchery you have no choice but to chuck your slacks up on your desk, light up a mild seven, and plug into a h a z e created by gluttonous amounts of reverb and echo... __( -____- )__"

Now lets get started with the review!

Tokyo Intermission from d e a l s w i t h a w e s t e r n o i l c o n g l o m e r a t e by Pizza Hotline (vaporwave)
Ahhhhh "Tokyo Intermission" introduces us with a smooth easy listening smokey vibe. The song is slowed to perfection and the volume transitions in and out into an harmonic symphony. I can see it now though the lenses of a cutthroat businessman moving the pieces to satisfy multinational conglomerate interests. This is the rhythm of the Art of the deal. No mistakes with high stakes! Everything is perfectly aligned with your ear canal to take in the perfect pleasures of this music.

d e a l s w i t h a w e s t e r n o i l c o n g l o m e r a t e by Pizza Hotline (Vaporwave)
Up next we have the song of what the album is named after d e a l s w i t h a w e s t e r n o i l c o n g l o m e r a t e! This track is more active has more traditionally vaporwave elements into it as well as some cool playback effects. In a more active track requires more active investors, we long painstaking hours at the office, you need a little something to brighten up your mood and get on to business!

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_25pRmM4TaM

motel_six.zip from d e a l s w i t h a w e s t e r n o i l c o n g l o m e r a t e by Pizza Hotline (vaporwave)

Ooof motel_six.zip is definitely one for the history books. This is a great track with good vibes to listen to on the go to give you a happy mood. As any business man will tell you, you need to see the light at the end of the tunnel and this track will get you there much faster. I recommend listening to this on the long commute to work or when you are out of the office enjoying a Whiskey sour. Just gives the feelings of good vibes all around!

_//. debbie accounts (-______-) from d e a l s w i t h a w e s t e r n o i l c o n g l o m e r a t e by Pizza Hotline (vaporwave)

Finnalay! Its closed at last! You finished the debbie account! Your psychopathic boss is actually impressed and you've got your bonus check in hand as you walk into the elevator with a sigh of relief. This track is the conclusion of our little album, its a smooth and dreamy closure of the deal with a western oil conglomerate.

Bonus Track Cassette Only (Stomping Vapor)
Once you escape that chains of your office and the tyranny of your boss, it's time to enjoy city life. This bonus track introduces the album into a sequence of classic vaporwave tunes and city life vibes. This can literally be enjoyed anywhere and casts a side quest to your post-adolescent debauchery

Bonus Track Cassette Only (Ambient Vapor)
This track literally takes my breath away, The beauty and feeling you get from this track is akin to that of "Building a Better World by 猫 シ Corp. & t e l e p a t h" . It's sort of magical in a way that the ambience transcends human thinking and concept of time. This comes from the soul of your adolescent innocence.

View: https://aroundthewatercooler.bandcamp.com/album/d-e-a-l-s-w-i-t-h-a-w-e-s-t-e-r-n-o-i-l-c-o-n-g-l-o-m-e-r-a-t-e
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