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Vaporwave Review: Interactive Affairs by Fan Fiordo

View: https://seikomart.bandcamp.com/album/interactive-affairs

Interactive Affairs by Fan Fiordo is a lounge, cybernetic vaporwave album released on July 1st, 2019 by Seikomart. I feel like Fan Fiordo best describes it best here
'"The Argentinian's blend of electronic nostalgia may be hard to nail down; it constantly expands and distends following Vaporwave's ironic flare. Strikes swing from moody fog, tunes travel aimlessly, and operatic rawness leads up to adulterated and charming visions.

On '"Interactive Affairs'", his forthcoming debut album, Fan Fiordo merged these elements into a cyberchic -and surprisingly intense- nineties fantasy. '"

Below is of course the songs that stood out to me the most and what I feel truly capture the artistic value of the album.

Carmina (vaporwave) – The fist song on the album has a seamless tone that exhibits a unique lounge late night city vibe. When I listen to Carmina I can visualize a world of luxury business high rises, as well as touch of spy flick-like mantra.
You can hear that Fan Fiordo really took his time of this one due to the way that the chimes run smoothly with the xylophone mixed together in harmony with the drums as a baseline.

Tribalia (vaporwave) – If you liked Carmina then you will love Tribalia. Trabila is similar to the first song but it has a more jungle rustic twist to the song. Is has a very distinct upbeat jungle tempo complete with indigenous flute, drums, and xylophones. I feel like I can just sit in a hammock right now chilling by the topical countryside of Argentina.
The vibes in this song gives me and will give you so much stimulation that you can not help but stop what you are doing and just focus all of your attention to the song. You need to experience the tropical dreamscape you will experience once this track enters your eardrums. This is not something you would want to mutiltask to.

Adan (vaporwave) – For Adan I would say that this is one of the more futuristic psychedelic songs of the album. I feel like Adan has a more distinct rhythm to it and has very good transitions to the next layers of the song.
It's hard to put this album in a single category, my feeling towards the style of the song gives me weird confusing visuals. I feel like this speaks to an unknown abyss to your left side of your brain, you are reaching uncharted territory. The display will reveal itself as you go further in the song.

For the first time writing reviews i am having trouble displaying a full picture maybe a futuristic jungle style of music? Mmmm Let me know what you think of Adan below!

Allegra (vaporwave) – Now this song is for those of you that likes the calmer more dreamlike rhythm in your vibes. The melodies in this song will make you feel like you have escaped reality into another world or oceanic dreams and nostalgic memes.

Allegra as a subtle touch of synths embedded in the track and it runs seamlessly with the style of the album. Perfect for anyone that is into a little something extra.
All in all, This was a pleasure to listen to, and I can truly say that the mix of jungle vibes and luxury business class really mixed well together in this album. It's always good to hear vaporwave music from many different countries and this one is from Argentina!

As a side note if you like vaporwave or are a vaporwave artist. Then come on and check out Agora Road's Macintosh Cafe || An Aesthetic community forum!


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This is some good shit, well done. I think this album might be my favorite... Is there a way to favorite threads?
I think the closet to favoriting a thread is to bookmark it. in the top right hand corner


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