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Vaporwave Review: Reincarnated Resurrection by キラヨシ

:KongDance: This review was originally written on the main Agora Road website :KongDance:
View: https://kirayoshi.bandcamp.com/album/reincarnated-resurrection

Today im going to review Reincarnated Resurrection by キラヨシ it's an interesting experimental electronic vaporwave album originally released on dj project on 31 August 2018, then later released on cassette and Minidisc by Section 9 on December 7th 2018. The album cover has a pretty business class aesthetic but I feel it represents more than that. You'll see what I mean in the review.

The first two songs tell their own stories but what really makes this album is the next few songs after 양극성 . Because after 양극성, it tells a story of an android freeing herself from her enslavement much like the story of Ex Machina and experiencing the reality she dreamt of pursuing for so long.

As always, below are some of the songs that stood out to me and you will witness the wonderful tale this album has to offer.

양극성 (vaporwave) – First I will point out the second song of the album which has a VERY different vibe from the rest of the album. The intro of this song gives me those gameplay homepage vibes. It has an aroma of simplicity and I can't help but feel like it's something I can listen to when I'm playing Lemonade Tycoon. (on a side note Lemonade Tycoon was a fucking awesome game when I was a kid).

After the intro we get a kinda lofi mystic sounding tune for this track. It's slowed down and releases pressure from your mind into a trancelike abyss. However there is a pretty hard transition near the end and I think キラヨシ should smoothen it out to conform with the flow of the song.

Pulss ja soov (vaporwave) – Now we are getting into the Ex Machina storyline right here bois! It starts off with the android escaping from her cage. No-one has noticed she left, the Android is now free. She can do anything now, the possibilities are endless. Her dreams of experiencing reality has now come to fruition. This is just only the beginning and she thinks to herself that there is only going up from here.

She can experience her new found reality and learn her new capabilities. Pulss ja soov really has a cool android vibe, this one really should be longer it was too short to me.

Ez da haizearen promesik (vaporwave) – Up next in the album we have Ez da haizearen promesik. It is 3 years later after that fateful day of leaving the cage. She has experienced so much and have wandered many lands in her journey but still feel empty inside. What is there to do left in this world if you have done everything that reality and humanity has to offer you. Does it really matter if you can do anything if you have no purpose?

Maybe the android couldn't make it and this is her ghostly apparition calling out into unknown realms? Or it may be what the mechanisms of her robotic mind is going through to try to find some kind of purpose? All in all this track is very eerie and unique. It tells a story that I haven't quite figured out yet and what the Android cannot figure out either.

Les yeux sans visage (vaporwave) – This track continues the story of the lone android wandering through human existence. She wonders what has come of her existence.

I feel like the android is disappointed and may have overplayed her dreams too high like so many of us have. Maybe we are not so different after all?

The android has no purpose, she doesn't know where to continue further. She wonders if it was better to dream than to have actually manifest her adventures into a reality.

In conclusion this album tells a story and this is my interpretation of it. If you have a different opinion on it then tell me what your interpretation is below. In saying that, I feel like the album cover should be an android or maybe the girl from Ex Machina herself. Anyways This album is currently in need of funding on Qrates you can check it out here.

Edit: On second thought upon further inspection at the album cover, it could be where the android was imprisoned for so long. So yea it may work.

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