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Vaporwave Review: Wedding suite by Wonder Cruises

:KongDance: This review was originally written on the main Agora Road website :KongDance:
View: https://citymanproductions.bandcamp.com/album/wedding-suite

Wedding Suite by Wonder Cruise is an 80s nostalgia base vaporwave album released by Cityman Productions on June 28th, 2019. In this album you should expect to be engaged in a luxury vibes mindset throughout the album. Also you will hear little snippets to keep you engaged in the mood of nostalgia.

However the little snippets do sound like it was sampled much earlier than the 80s because the people sound like they have transatlantic accents but don't let that discourage you because the tracks really keeps your blood pumping.

Now as for the album cover, it has a luxury style component complete with two glasses of champagne and a Christmas style cursive font. One thing I might make a suggestion is to take off the overlay because it just seems too foggy and distorted. But then again this IS a vaporwave album…

Anyway, as always, below are some of the songs that stood out to me. Now in order to really appreciate this album you need to look at the context of entering the "Wonder Cruise" Here is the artist description.

"It's 1981. You're wearing your brand new Lacoste suit and standing at the terminal check-in. The cruise is sold out. You grab your boarding pass and luggage and head out towards the entrance of the ship of dreams. The May sun turns the horizon golden. You only have one more step to take to enter heaven. "Welcome onboard M/S Wonder Cruises," the Captain says and lifts the peak of his cap slightly to greet you."

M/S Wonder Cruises (vaporwave) – This track starts off with some badass 80s style theme music to get your ass off of that couch. Then the song ventures off to what sounds like what would be the credits of a Miami Vice episode. You would probably be just going to the tarmac driving fast ferraris, past scenic beaches, and off to the Wonder Cruise!

The only take away about this one is that near the end it sound like the song ends but replays again. It seemed a little off to me but the overall song is great.

Rolling in the Deep Sea Diner (vaporwave) – Now we fast forward to Rolling in the Deep Sea Diner, I think this one really embodies the ship of dreams feel that Wonder Cruises was trying to convey. After reading his description on bandcamp I can really see myself entering the dream cruise of my life.

This song has it all. Down tempo eerie aesthetics, luxury vibe classics, 8-bit synthesizers, and a dreamt up melody that embraces you in the world of Wonder Cruises.

Yacht at the Car Deck (vaporwave) – This song is has a more transient dreamscape aroma than the other songs on the album. But It does have those newwave 80s synthesizers and a touchy beat as a base. View this in the context of the "wedding Suite" this would most likely be the slow dance of the night. Perhaps ending of the night into the abyss of the dark and stormy sea.

On the menu tonight (vaporwave) – Aaahhh, lets see what's "On the menu tonight". With a glass of champagne and a little taste of fine affairs the night before the big day. I would say it's a perfect time to let loose and have one last blowout! The music just inspires you to act secretive and let you explore your forbidden desires.

Wedding suite (vaporwave) – Immediately you will hear a happy chirpy tune to lighten the mood. It seems like the wedding ceremony has begun as we witnessed the happy couple live their everlasting love for the rest of their lives. You know that it's time to settle down, All of your taboo desires is gone, You are at peace and in love. You can feel no pain but love. Everything is perfect.

Overall This was a pretty good album it has some hiccups but if you get your mindset right I'm sure that you'll enjoy it. If you are an artist then consider hitting up Cityman Productions label to tag along with. He is also a frequent poster at Agora Road's Macintosh Cafe so check that out!

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