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Wage Cuck Thread. Post Wage Cuck memes, experiences, news stories ect.


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May 29, 2018
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So I got two stories of my wage cucking.
1st one
> Be Lifeguard
>Was gonna be cool baywatch dude strutting the beach
>no beach hires me due to no experience
>only company that does is an indoor one indoor swimming pool for kids
>its okay, ill gain some experience and then do sum baywatch shit :AYAYARRR:
>Place is over crowded with children
>safety violations everywhere
>don't do any cool lifeguard shit
>basically become a babysitter and janitor
>one day, kid takes a shit in the shower
>shit is all over the floor,
>had to clear everyone out.
>kid tries to hide some poop by placing poop in under the shower crate in the floor
>also puts poop inside the soap dispenser
>had to use a thin glove to get the poop out as it got stuck in there
>was finnesed

>quit 2 weeks later

2nd story
>worked at glue factory
>smelled like cancer
>no mask? Isn't dangerous to smell these chemicals all day without any protection?
>was told "you'll get used to it"
>2nd day at work
>doing quality control
>one of the cans spontaneously combusts
>noped out of there and quit on the spot.

I may post more, but here are some wage cuck memes. And if you have stories you don't have to post them in greentext style like I did.

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Feb 24, 2021
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I left a retail job a little bit before a coworker of mine did; we had been working together for over half a decade. I think he was better equipped to deal with the crappy work because he had this sort-of superpower to not put up with anyone's bullshit. I would frequently cringe at some of his interactions, but I was also a bit envious of his confidence at the same time

That's not super related to the story though. The final straw for him before leaving retail forever was when a kid pissed on the carpeted floor and no one from management cared. There were people whose job it was to clean the bathroom or pick up messes or whatever, but management didn't consider this particular incident to even be a big enough deal to ask someone to clean

He ended up doing what he could to clean it and quit very soon after for an even lower paying job. He still jokingly refers to this incident as "pee-gate."

My leaving story isn't as interesting or humorous -- I had actually intended to stay part-time because I ended up getting into an "okay" paying role that I legitimately enjoyed at the retail store. This only lasted for a few weeks though. During my orientation period at my new, "real" job, we were all given a list of benefits and this presentation ended up stressing that we could cash out our vacation time at any point, or have it roll over, or get paid out when we retire or quit. The retail job offered none of these things of course -- we would lose our vacation time year to year, and it was against policy to make any attempt to cash it out while quitting. I asked for a raise, roughly around the half-way point between what I made between the 2 jobs, got denied, and put my notice in immediately after. "This company really doesn't give a shit about me" describes most of these types of jobs that don't require an education, but eh. I've worked much worse jobs and I'm certain that there are many others out there working even worse than I ever had. Could do a lot worse than retail
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