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What are your favorite Vaporwave albums?

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Gotta say, everyone here is listing some good stuff, real good shit.

dds.wmv is one of my favorites, even have a couple shirts of their albums, one with I'll Try Living Like This and Derelict Mega Tower. Especially love the latter, love imagining in my head climbing up the floors of some unrealistically tall skyscraper with something totally different waiting on each floor, it's fun to throw that album on shuffle for that reason.

Anything by Saint Pepsi is a classic. Also saw Prismcorp's Home listed as well, easily one of my favorite utopian virtual albums.

Anyway, I'll list a few favorites and something (hopefully) obsure to some of the members here.

First off, exotics by vcr-classique, it's jazzy grooves are smooth like silky butter that make you come back for seconds, what more can I say.

Second, ファンタジーモニター by b o d y l i n e, bounces between serene ambience and soft funk that's bound to make ya feel good. Good for those stressful days.

Third, 슈퍼마켓Yes! We're Open by 식료품groceries. Gotta love the feeling of aimlessly wandering through the different aisles and departments of a local grocery store and just taking in the sounds of people and the slightly muffled music being played through the intercoms, it absolutely nails that atmosphere and ambience so perfectly. One of the best that mallsoft has to offer.

And last of my favorite and well-known picks, this is a recent favorite for me but silhouette dreams by synchro//start. Starts off like you're grooving to some tunes in a modern shopping mall but as the album continues you're transported to a future space mall where you'll still be groovin'.

Now for an obsure favorite of mine, アクアティックリゾート by べリキャンディ. Forgot how I discovered it, I think I was browsing blogs for good vaporwave recommendations and stumbled upon this mallsoft beauty. Imagine you're on vacation, you've managed to book yourself at a nice resort, known for it's pool, spa, sauna, and other ammenities. It's nothing fancy, but has a cozy modest vibe going. Hope you enjoy your stay at the Aqua Resort. I know I did, and I'll have to book another visit sometime soon.

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