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What are your Internet pet peeves?


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For me is those news sites that make you pay their subscription service just to read an article. My city's news website does that and they don't even write original articles. Most of the time I can just search their titles on Google and find the same article on 4 or 5 different sites.

Also youtube intros that are too long
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psuedointellectuals bitching about feminism
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La Senda Piña
In no particular order:

. People using wrong tags for content for the sake of exposure
. Cancel culture
. Websites with lack of customization outside a profile picture and a banner
. Websites demanding my phone number and email
. Fucking cookies
. Condescending behavior from people during chill conversations
. Websites and games demanding I have a Facebook account
. Kids on the internet
. Corporations abusing copyright
. Individuals stealing content
. Corporations stealing content
. Fucking hackers
. MMOSG services without in-game currency
. SJW mobs/ Internet Goblins
. the FBI
. the FCC
. Dubai
. Clickbait tabloids masquerading as official news outlets
. Fake news
. Bible thumpers
. tarot accounts and services
. calls to action too often in videos
. inorganic search results fueled by bribery
. single purchase software and services becoming subscription model dependent
. Reddit
. Pedofiles
. psychopaths
. anti-movements
. boycotts
et al. I could go on, this is getting too long.
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